In 2007 I acquired my very first dirt bike, which was a TTR 125. ~ a couple of years, I want to squeeze out a tiny bit much more juice the end of it and also that’s as soon as I made decision to do the study on just how to make a Yamaha TTR 125 faster.What a many of civilization don’t it seems to be ~ to realize is the a TTR 125 is no a racing bike and also is not designed for speed. However, even though a TTR 125 to be designed to it is in a reliable and comfortable bike that’s good for longer rides, there space a couple of things you have the right to do to do it slightly quicker. To do a TTR 125 much faster you’ll require to:You can gain a brand-new exhaust device from BBR.

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You have the right to remove the airbox rubber snorkel.You can add a 14 tooth front sprocket.You deserve to drill small holes in the exhaust opening and also air filter.You can let it breath much more with a high circulation airbox or complimentary flow muffler.You can replace the camshaft with a mid-top finish grind.You can increase the displacement with a big-bore kit.Those are all of the potential means I could find that could include some speed and power to her TTR 125. The just thing I finished up law was acquiring a far better air box and also filter. Ns didn’t really desire to it is in messing about and including parts therefore I simply kept points the method they were.That gift said, i don’t know which of these would certainly work finest but I’m certain they’ll all do the cycle fractionally faster. Some of them won’t rise the height speed yet will acquire there a bit faster.Again, the TTR 125 no a race bike and the finest thing to perform would be to acquire a different bike (I likewise have a Husqvarna FX 350). I love my TTR though because it’s way better on hills and also rough terrain compared to many 2 hit bikes. If you will do it be doing long trips ~ above rougher terrain over there is no means you’ll last on a 2 stroke cycle (that’s simply my opinion though).

How fast Does A Yamaha TTR 125 Go?

The height speed of a TTR 125 will certainly all rely on the rider. If one bike has a 100 lb rider and also another bike has actually a 200 lb rider, the an initial bike will have the ability to go a many faster. It is pretty obvious.So, how quick does a TTR 125 go? On median it’s between 45-55 MPH. I’m roughly 175 lbs so it would certainly be closer to the 45 because that me but back in the day as soon as I was much lighter, I might get the going quite a little more.I’ve heard stories about people in reality doubling the speech on your TTR with several of the mods over (from 7 to 14 hp). I have no idea if that’s true or not yet if the is, you’ll probably be able to get closer to 60 MPH.

How To do A TTR 125 Louder?

Since you instantly get cooler once you make your car, truck, or cycle louder stop talk about how you deserve to make her TTR 125 roar. I have tried a few of this (on mine or my buddies bikes) yet I typically use the bike because that hunting and also being loud is no really a great thing come do.The easiest and least expensive point you have the right to do is to carry out an exhaust mod and also remove the spark arrestor. This isn’t really the finest thing come do however it walk work. Also, i wouldn’t introduce doing this in the summer if you’re close to trees (it’s referred to as a SPARK arrestor and also it stops sparks indigenous coming the end of your exhaust). You could possibly get a fine or worse, start a fire. This is a fast video:The 2nd thing you can do is readjust out the exhaust. This is an overall much better thing come do however it will cost you a bit of money. If friend are trying to find this choice I’d recommend the FMF Powercore 4. Here’s what it sound like:

How To perform A TTR 125 Airbox Mod

One the the easiest means to acquire a bit an ext power the end of her dirt cycle is to enhance its breathability. Simply like any kind of other engine, if you can get much more air flowing with it it’ll improve the horsepower.The easiest way to carry out this is by doing an airbox mode to the bike. It’s pretty difficult to explain but I’ll perform the measures and likewise include a video clip below that walks you v it.The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the seat to get access to the airbox.Next, you’ll remove the next cover that the airbox.Then you will do it pull the end the rubber snorkel (on the top of the airbox).You’ll then watch a display inside the the airbox and also that can be taken out to increase airflow.Like ns was speak before, I’m not the greatest fan of messing about with my vehicles since I’m no a mechanic and I don’t want to mess anything up. I’d way rather get a bigger and faster cycle (but that’s simply me).I’ve do the efforts a few of these and have heard around the remainder from other people. Doing all of them won’t make her bike twice as fast yet you should notice a slight advancement in the responsiveness and overall power.Let me understand your thoughts and also any questions you have. Like this article? Feel complimentary to provide it a share!Looking to acquire some new dirt bicycle gear? Click right here to check out our recommended equipment page to view the ingredient we’re in reality using and the cheapest place to pick them up.
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