4 cylinder 2 wheel drive hands-on 124, 00 miles.VIN #KNADC125X46331403 / 1.6L.I need to understand the specific timing belt replacement procedure for this vehicle, consisting of all pertinent speak specs, as shortly as possible. Thanks.

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timing belt replacement - 1.5L & 1.6L - DOHC -2004 Kia RioTorque specifications: Ft. Lbs. (N.m)Crankshaft wheel Bolt 9-13 (12-17)Crankshaft Sprocket Bolt 80-87 (108-118) timing Belt guide Plate Bolt 9-13 (12-17) timing Belt Tensioner wheel 28-38 (38-51)Lock Bolt Water Pump pulley Bolt 9-13 (12-17) time Belt covering BoltsINCH Lbs. (N.m) 70-97 (8-11) time belt replacement- 1.5L & 1.6L - DOHC -2004 Kia RioRemoval and installation time belt: CAUTION:This applications is an interference engine. Execute not turn camshaft or crankshaft as soon as timing belt is removed, or engine damage may occur.Removal: 1.Disconnect negative battery cable. Loosen strength steering lock bolts and also nuts, and remove stress from strength steering and air conditioning compressor drive belt. Remove power steering and air conditioning journey belt. 2.Loosen and also remove generator bolts. Remove water pump pulley. Remove crankshaft pulley and timing belt overview plate. Eliminate upper and lower timing belt covers. 3.Turn crankshaft so that timing mark on crankshaft sprocket is aligned through timing mark on engine. For sure "I" note on input camshaft sprocket is to adjust with mark on cylinder head cover, and "E" note on exhaust camshaft sprocket is set with mark on cylinder head cover. CAUTION:DO NOT move camshaft or crankshaft when timing marks have actually been correctly positioned.4.Loosen tension-er pulley-block lock bolt. If protecting time belt with a rag, remove tension-er pulley. If belt is to be reused, mark direction of timing belt rotation for appropriate re-installation. Eliminate timing belt. Inspection replace timing belt if the is contaminated with oil or grease. Inspect belt because that wear, fraying or various other damage. Check idler pulley and tension-er sheave for uneven wear and also smooth bearing operation. Check camshaft sprockets and crankshaft sprocket for broken teeth or damage. NOTE: replace tension-er spring whenever time belt is replaced. Replace any component that shows damage or extreme wear. Installation 1.Install tension-er pulley. Pull tension-er pulley-block to its furthest point, and tighten lock bolt. Check that timing mark on crankshaft sprocket is aligned with timing note on engine.Ensure the camshaft sprockets space aligned v marks top top cylinder head cover. 2.Install time belt onto crankshaft sprocket first, climate idler pulley, exhaust camshaft sprocket, entry camshaft sprocket, and finally, tension-er pulley. Ensure over there is no looseness in belt between idler pulley and also exhaust camshaft sprocket, or in between intake and also exhaust camshaft sprockets. 3.Loosen tension-er sheave lock bolt, and allow tension-er spring to use tension to time belt. Execute not include additional tension. Tighten tension-er pulley lock bolt come specification.. 4.Rotate crankshaft two complete turns (clockwise only), and also align timing note on crankshaft sprocket with timing mark on engine block. Ensure that marks on camshaft sprockets align through marks ~ above cylinder head cover.If marks do not align, remove timing belt and repeat procedure from tension-er installation. 5.Measure time belt deflection by using moderate pressure midway between camshaft sprockets. If deflection is not 0.39-0.50" (11-13 mm) through 22 lbs. (10 kg) of force applied, repeat installation procedure from tension-er installation. 6.Install lower and also upper timing belt covers, time belt overview plate and also crankshaft pulley. Download water pump pulley. Tighten all bolts to specification. 7.Install generator belt and adjust tension. Install power steering and air conditioning drive belt, and adjust tension.

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