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I very own a 2009 Sonata. My facility console armrest latch broke off a few weeks ago. I discovered the latch component number while googling this problem and also it price me much less than $4. Discovered the part number ~ above, gave the part number to my local dealer and he had actually it in stock.Hope this helps.

I had actually a problem with my center console in the the black plastic item that holds it under pooped out as soon as driving and the dealer claimed that they just sell the entirety console together one piece. LOL yeah okay. They wanted a couple of hundred for it.What ns did to be just get a piece of double sided velcro to avoid it indigenous popping open whenever ns take off difficult at a light.
I very own a 2009 Sonata. My center console armrest latch damaged off a few weeks ago. I found the latch component number if googling this problem and it expense me much less than $4. Discovered the part number top top, provided the component number to my regional dealer and also he had actually it in stock.Hope this helps.
The component I required was the upper latch. The component number is 84661-3K000-U7. Over there is a lower latch through a different part number. I don"t understand if mine 2009 center console is various than vault years. Take it me around 10 minutes to figure out just how the spring is positioned top top this latch. After the it was good as new.
I found the document on the hmaservice site. Carry out you need to remove the whole facility console to acquire the armrest out? The reason I want to take the armrest out is because the bottom latch to hold the console close up door is comes apart. If I open the armrest increase the black base has 6 screws. I tried to eliminate those come just obtain the bottom out so I can get at the plastic latch. It"s cracked and I desire to shot regluing it prior to I invest money on one more armrest. Any type of ideas? I"ll post a picture later to describe it better.

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I never ever thought I"d ever before say tat "Hyundai deserve to kiss mine hairy ass" however being asked because that $200...yes...$ I deserve to get accessibility to a $5 part (& at $5 one overpriced component at that!) has actually my blood boiling. Ns don"t take it crap prefer that from a car company unless it has actually a "B" or "RR" ~ above the hood. I decided that, through hook or by crook, I"d solve my latch. I did, much better than new, cost 5c. Yeah 5 CENTS. (It"s a 2006, the 2009-on latch component won"t fit)The best means to do it is to drill the broken parts out with a tower drill. Drill the latch & the broken off "ears" in turn, use a evil on the pillar drill table (NOTE friend cannot perform this complimentary hand) making certain you obtain dead facility & for sure vertical. Uncover a steel nail of diameter 0.09 customs & object the components together & apply the adhesive of your an option (I provided super glue)Mine has actually been OK now for 6 months & shows no authorize of failure. I didn"t take it pics of the at the time as I assumed no one would certainly be interested. Just how wrong ns was, i m sorry one Google search demonstrated! (seems there"s a many P-d turn off Sonata owners out there)I need to say that ns am, for the first time due to the fact that owning my an initial Hyundai 6 years a go, FURIOUS, not just with the abusive prices for this component but the "Tough, take it it or leaving it" perspective of 2 neighborhood Hyundai dealers that were under the impression the I"d need to either pay these Mafia prices or put up v an stroked nerves defect.I"d write how I truly feeling here but I"d acquire barred, yet it rhymes v "truck flew!" however revenge is sweet, so take it my advice & repair it yourself. You"ll usage a nail, for this reason Hyundai deserve to use a screw ~ above themselves.