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have searched through no luck. Saw that the 07" specs room 95lb/ft. This correct? would certainly I be good with the on mine 06??
Taken native the Owners hand-operated of mine 2006 EX-L (when i owned it, now have actually a 2010...same specs)2006 Honda OdysseyEngine Oil Capacity: 4.3LEngine Oil Type: 5w20Oil Filter: 15400-PLM-A02Oil plug size: 17 mm (11/16”)Oil plug gasket: 94109-14000Oil plug torque: 29 ft lbs (39 Nm)Coolant Type: Honda Long-life Antifreeze/Coolant form 2Coolant Capacity: Change: 7L – Total: 9.7LTransmission liquid Type: Honda real ATF-Z1Trans liquid capacity: Change: 3.1L – Total: 7.6LBrake liquid Type: Honda hefty Duty Brake liquid DOT3Power Steering fluid Type: Honda strength Steering FluidWheel torque: 94 ft lbs (127 Nm)Wheel lug socket: 7/8”Cabin Filter: #80292-SHJ-A41Air Filter: #17220-RGL-A00 (Filltech PP-TD30)Spark Plugs: 12290-R70-A01 Fuel Filter: 17048-SHJ-A00Wipers: 22 & 24”
yeah, i uncovered that in my hand-operated under the section about "changing out the tire and using the spare." The point is, the spare is a stole wheel and also I believe torque specs are much less for alloys. I"m going v 80-84. Many thanks for your response.
That"s the only ar I can find it in the owner"s manual, too - however, the Honda business manual for the 05 lists the torque as 94 ft-lbs for the lug nuts as well. 80-84 is going to be short (probably won"t have actually a wheel autumn off or anything, however the spec is undoubtedly 94 ft-lbs)
FWIW mine "07 owners manual states 94 ft lbs vs 95ft lbs. Open minded I had actually been making use of 85 ft lbs because that the critical 20K miles without issue. I had my tires balanced and also went to inspect the paperwork and they declared 95 ft lbs. It was then once I pulled the hands-on out and also found the 94 ft lb value. Oh well...
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