While there room a lot of reasons why an air Conditioning mechanism will no blow cold wait on a used car. Problem here is pertained to air air conditioning low push switch.

This is a 2011 Honda Civic however this trouble with same symptoms will happen on other models too (Honda Accord, Honda CR-V…etc). Honda A/C system are very comparable if not completely the same throughout models.

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Honda waiting Conditioning push Switch location

Honda Intermittent Air air conditioning Operation. waiting conditioning works fine once engine is cold, in the morning or when car has been sitting for few hours.

However, ~ driving for around 15 to 20 minutes and engine reaches operating temperature that will protect against working. Upon checking the system discovered that refrigerant push is normal, compressor and also clutch engage and also work properly as soon as power is sent out directly. Every fuses and relays space good.

Honda Air air conditioning low push switch has been an problem in the past and also causes one intermittent air air conditioning operation. A/C started to work generally after new sensor to be installed.

Pressure switch Removal.

It is not hard as there is enough an are and is quite available to work-related on. Honda Air conditioning low push switch is situated under the hood top top passenger side, right next to Abs pump.

There will certainly be no refrigerant ns while remove the switch and also no need to drainpipe the system, that is plug and also play.

Tools: 24mm deep socket, ratchet and and extension.

24mm socket and also ratchet is needed

Unclip electric plug from sensor, use socket to loosen switch and unscrew it.

Air air conditioning lines in ~ the base of press switch housing are thin and also fragile. Got to be mindful how much force you use or lines can break i beg your pardon will expense quite a bit to fix.

Pressure Switch

A/C lines space fragile and also need come be held in place when unscrewing sensor. Usage a screwdriver or something similar between air conditioning lines and also car chassis to hold them while you shot to ease it. This job could require some help and an extra pair the hands.

Low Pressure move Installation.

Once old sensor is removed, simply screw brand-new sensor in and also tighten it. Again watch just how much force you use, don’t overkill it. Plug electric switch. Begin your used auto and try if air conditioning is working. Hopefully now it is.

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