Here are the indications your A/C is failing and you"re in because that some serious repairs.You smell a burn while A/C is running. Not like burning rubber, more like burning electronics or wires/metal.You automatically turn off the car because the the smell, and also then later on when you revolve it on, nothing happens. No rotate over, no rough start, just a click and silence.Your Battery is fine, the starter is fine, and also MAYBE the starts increase again a if later.

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In mine case, this was the A/C failing. The compressor is depicted listed below as component #9. That is component of the serpentine belt pulley configuration. #8 is the crankshaft pulley linked to the engine, and also as you have the right to see, will certainly NOT rotate OVER IF any OF THE various other PULLEYS space SEIZED. This is since the Starter (which start the engine by turning over the crankshaft) doesnt have enough "juice" to force the frozen pulley.

In my case, #9 froze up so chop the belt began squealing, burning up, and also snapped in half. These belts generally only take care of a tiny over 260°F prior to they break. Through #9 seized up, and a 5.4L V8 forcing the belt come slide roughly it, eventually it will warm up and break. At the point every one of the check engine lamp come on her dashboard, and also you will shed power generation (battery no charge, #3), power steering (hard to revolve the wheel, #5), Cooling for the Engine, (overheating, #7) which will an outcome in the need to replace the engine if it it s okay too hot (>190-210°), and of food A/C (#9).So, currently you have no belt, and #9 is seized. You might have that towed, and also spend $1500+ dollars acquiring the A/C components replaced, flushed, and re-charged. In mine case, I had pulled forward in to my driveway and also wanted to execute the work myself, however needed to move the vehicle. For this reason I started looking in to "bypassing" #9!This would certainly look something choose this.

If you"re paying attention, you might notification the most evident issue right here is figuring out just how long the new belt needs to be. One more thing I made decision to carry out was replace wheel #2. Not just are the bearings likely old top top this pulley, yet in my situation the wheel is "smooth" and also not "grooved". I was concerned around the belt "slipping" off the pulley, so i changed it through an aftermarket pulley.To number out how long that a belt girlfriend need, usage a piece of string and also run it through the same path. Measure the string and also purchase a belt of the same length.On my 2005, 5.4L V8 expedition the choices are:Duralast 840K6 - 84.06" (Bypassing the A/C Clutch Pulley)Duralast 1015K6 - 101.5" (Stock Belt, including the A/C Clutch Pulley)(Duralast is simply what is in ~ my regional autozone. Just make certain to compare size, rib count, etc.)You may an alert on websites like Autozone, girlfriend cannot find by "length", just by component number. The pattern because that these duralast belts it seems ~ to it is in 1/10" increments, and also I guess: v K6 needs to do v the 6 "ribs" on the within of the belt.e.g. 101.5 customs is 1015K6 and 84.0 inch is 840K6, and also so on.Link come Autozone"s website with Belts~ $25Link to Autozone"s site with Idler Pulleys~ $20Breaker Bar ~ $17Total Cost: $62Make certain you have a breaker bar (1/2" drive) the plugs in come the square feet in #1. Pushing downward (away from the belt), you must feel the spring invited tensioner move.To replace the belt,Start with dropping a loop directly down under #8 looking down at the engine was standing in front of the car. Friend DON"T must GO end YOUR fan BLADES, just roughly it!Keeping her left hand in ~ the 9 o"clock ~ above #8 for this reason the belt doesn"t autumn off, through your appropriate hand, overview the belt clockwise about #7, continue over and also under #6, still maintaining your left hand in ~ the 9 o"clock place on #8. (Read that step a couple of times)Continue approximately #5, skip #4 and over deserve to probably move your left hand now! on slide it end #2 and also around the tensioner.Using the breaker bar, change the tensior and also go earlier to #4 (which is a smooth pulley) and slip it over the pulley. Relax the tensior.Double inspect EVERYTHING ensuring the belt is in the grooves, and also around all pulleys. You"ll likely an alert if over there is an issue.
This may feel difficult when friend start, but stick through it and you"ll find it to be pretty easy when you space done.

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It will look like this after replacing the Idler wheel (#2) and also using the shorter belt:
You"ll an alert the belt goes from #2 (the new black pulley-block in the top left), roughly the tensioner come the crank pulley #8. Aka "Bypassing #9".You need to now have the ability to drive the car, however will not have A/C.NOTE:
I am no a certified mechanic no one am ns a mechanical engineer. Right here are a couple of other things to consider.A much shorter belt with different sized pulleys and less of them will create a modified pack on the engine. The tensioner provides a "factory" tension, so ns think it have to be fine, yet it is not how the auto was designed so there can be extr issues with this that i am not conscious of.The "modified" pack on the crankshaft is most likely marginal contrasted to the pack of say, towing a trailer with cement bags, however perhaps still precious consideration. Comments welcome if you"re a mechanical engineer and have think on this.Be ready to make multiple trips come the store. I got a Duralast 800K6 (79.?") the an initial time and also it was as well short. No totally free lunch here, simply measure the ideal you have the right to using string/twine and also hope you obtained it right.If your A/C is fine now, but vehicle is favor mine and old, consider getting a belt and also breaker bar for her trunk. This deserve to be excellent in a parking lot and could save you a tow for a lengthy trip.There are most likely to be typos, quirks in grammar and terminology, or instances over where I point out pulley X and meant pulley-block Y. This isn"t rocket science so simply use her sense and I think friend will figure it out.