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Got a 06 Malibu 3.5L LT and I obtained a P0449 code. I had it confirm at O"Reilly"s and it mirrors up as P0449 CHEVROLET - Evaporative emissions Vent Valve Solenoid failure Intermittent. I have actually replaced the gas cap and now the dealer is telling me that it is the Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid. Purchase the part for $25 however can not find the exact location. Can someone help me!
Right rear of fuel tank, nearby to where the fuel fill pipe goes into the tank. Need to lower the tank, not remove it, to get accessibility to it. Has a red two wire connector going come it. It breaks on the tank bracket, don"t muscle the off. Prior to you change the valve, just check the wiring by the EVAP canister, ideal side that the fuel tank, there"s a wiring harness that comes out forward that the canister. Make certain that exploit is no damaged.
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