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I simply bought a 2007 SP500EFI and so far love it! i do have actually a question. Go this point have any kind of electrical protection? The hands-on does not list fuse/circuit breaker or fusible link. The parts hands-on for a 2005 (all I can find) does no list the either. I just discovered this site and have acquired a many of info from all the posts. I currently see some should have/makes.Thanx in advanceSlider
Check in the front storage box for a removable covering in the center, mine 800 has actually the fuses located there....
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Welcome aboard. Yep in the former storage crate there need to be a panel that "pops" off. Fuses will certainly be under there.
06 Sportsman 800, 60" glacier plow, rear cargo box, pure polaris hand guards, 2500 winch. 2003 558 predator, lotsa stuff!

unless they adjusted something in 2007, i m sorry they may have, the males are right, look in the front storage compartment, over there is a cover in there, pick it up...the EFI machines, well at the very least my "06 800 and also my "05 700 have fuses and also relays...
Well i looked there and under the covering directly listed below the headlight pod. Nothing! Polaris should have adjusted things. I tried to follow the fan wires but they disappeared right into the wire loom and also into the frame. Right now I can"t take it apart any type of further. I will dive right into the underside later. Time to walk ridin" I have actually icluded photos for every to see.
Here is a pic that shows a connector v nowhere to go. Ns guess that is for an accessory and the opposite connector is because that waterproofing. I hope everyone has actually a safe and also happy holiday.
06 Sportsman 800, 60" glacier plow, behind cargo box, pure polaris hand guards, 2500 winch. 2003 558 predator, lotsa stuff!
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What"s strange is that the newer devices come v spare fuses in the owner"s hands-on bag, but as the image posted above show, there"s nowhere to put "em. Yet my 05 SP800 has a fuse block under that panel as with Dave said... Walk figure.Rob
Could the be that they have integrated circut breakers right into a non-servicable module on some models? I have yet come find any kind of sign the a fuse on my Mv7, read the owners" and also service manuals and also found no referral to fuses or breakers, naught on the wiring schematics either.Bruce
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My dealer gave me a copy that the wiring diagram because that a 2006 sp500efi and also I discovered that they do not have fuses. It has actually a fusible attach coming turn off the solenoid to it is provided the electronics. It also has a box dubbed SSCB (solid state regulate box?) that seems to regulate fan/ equipment etc. We will certainly see around reliability. In concept it must be pretty reliable (I occupational in an industry that offers this technology). I plan on including a seperate fused line for any kind of accessories ns add. If any type of one needs a copy that the diagram, email me and also I will certainly send a copy.

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06 Sportsman 800, 60" glacier plow, rear cargo box, pure polaris hand guards, 2500 winch. 2003 558 predator, lotsa stuff!
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