How to Reset Lincoln Town vehicle Engine Oil Life light (2007-2011) – the is a full-size high-end sedan make by Lincoln that was created from 1981 come 2011. This car is likewise known as the Lincoln continental (1st). 2011 Lincoln Town vehicle Sedan is equipped with an FFV V8 4,6L cylinder engine v 4-speed automatic transmission. The produces power 239HP in ~ 4900rpm, v a fuel economic situation 16 / 24mpg.

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It is one RWD drivetrain, with smooth handling and also comfortable driving suffer thanks to independent suspension in front and also a solid axle in the rear, as well as a stabilizer. The exterior stands out because of the distance between a longer wheelbase and a nice body design. Wide an are is available in the auto with a dash of handy features and also a large trunk.

If the engine oil life is much less than 5%, the Oil change Required light will appear on the display. The engine oil life interval must be reset after ~ performed the maintenance company on your vehicle. Follow the instructions below to reset the readjust Engine Oil minder irradiate on her Lincoln city Car:
Turn the ignition come run, one position before beginning the engine..Press the SETUP switch briefly until “PRESS select TO start SYSTEM CHECK” shows up on the displayThe switch is located on the facility consolePress the SELECT button to get in the menu.Find the OIL LIFE menu by pushing the SELECT switch repeatedly.Press and also hold the RESET button until “OIL LIFE XXX% organize RESET IF new OIL” is displayed..

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Press and hold the RESET switch again till “OIL LIFE start VALUE set TO XXX%” is displayed.Done!

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