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can anybody tell me where the speed sensors are located on one 05 wk 3.7. And how to change them out. Thanks in advance

they are behind the wheel. One end plugs into the hub and one into a clues on the fender liner. Eliminate one screw on the hub and pull out carefully. Then simply unclip the other end.
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hey thanks scott. My local parts store stated they can only stimulate the rear ones, any idea where i can get the front ones nice quick..

SCOTTThe HARDER you work...the LUCKIER you are!2018 Jeep Trackhawk REDLINE RED22014 REDLINE red Jeep SRT "BLOODIED" 1 that 1 Instagram-themob_guy
My local dealer wants $75 for the front sensor they have actually in stock.. OReilly is $15 yet on one-of-a-kind order and 7-10 job out. Is this the speed sensor top top the front?
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