The grand Cherokee is one SUV indigenous the American car brand Jeep. Because the begin of production in 1993, this car has been on the industry for four generations. Have actually you recently changed the engine oil and now desire to reset the oil readjust required warning irradiate on the Jeep cool Cherokee? continue to be with us; we’ll display you exactly how to perform it.

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So today, ns going to present you exactly how to eliminate the change engine oil quickly light on her Jeep grand Cherokee 2008 and up models. This an approach also functions on various other Mopar’s vehicles such as Chrysler and also Dodges.

Jeep cool Cherokee Oil adjust Required irradiate Reset GuideFor All version (2008-2021)For 2016-2021 (WK2 WL)

Jeep cool Cherokee Oil readjust Required light Reset Guide

In this segment, I wanted to teach you exactly how to reset the oil readjust required irradiate for any model of Jeep grand Cherokee by using the gas pedal. This is a at sight quick and easy process, it shouldn’t take more than thirty secs or a minute to complete the whole thing. So every you need to do is:Put the an essential in and also turn it come the 2nd position or to the run positionIf your auto has one ignition button, push the ENGINE begin STOP button twice without poignant the brake pedalDepress the GAS PEDAL three timesPut your foot on the accelerator pedal and also hit the pedal 3 times slowly within 10 secondsTurn the ignition off and also start the engine come verify the indicator has been resetRepeat this procedure, if the message still illuminates once you start the engine

For 2016-2021 (WK2 WL)

Apart from utilizing the gas pedal, you deserve to also access the oil life food selection to reset the oil irradiate on the 2016 cool Cherokee or later. Basically, you should use the navigation buttons on the steering wheel to accessibility the menus in the instrument cluster. Here’s how to perform it:
Put your car in run modeUse the ▲ or ▼ top top to scroll up or down until you acquire to the VEHICLE INFO menu (symbolized through the front side of the car)

Find the OIL LIFE by utilizing ◄ or ► buttonFinally, hold down the OK switch until the Oil Life display alters to 100%For an ext details, please watch the complying with video:
So that’s it. I hope this content was helpful; you re welcome leave any comments or concerns in the comment section below. Give thanks to you.

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