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Both brake lights are off. The center light has actually been turn off for last few years but now both brake lights room off also . I wanted to inspect the fuse very first but can not discover the place in my Honda manual.Can who please confirm the fuse number and location ( within or in the trunk)Looks choose its number 13 through horn and stop under the hood. Because horn is working should I i think fuse is ok? What is the next step come check?Thanks

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Got the bulbs the end not sure if they space bad. Going to pep guys to get brand-new one. How can I check if brake light switch is bad?ThanksHow to accessibility the brake light switch?

It"s possible both bulbs burned out simultaneously.Is your car automatic ? perform you have to use shiftlock override to acquire into gear? If you should use shiftlock button the brake move is dead. If friend don"t should use shiftlock switch the brake move is OK. The shifter demands to have actually the brake move operational to move the stick into gear.The gound route in the trunk because that the brake lights could be 1) loosened 2) corroded 3) damaged wire.Did you recently do something in the stems area that can have damaged a wire?Large item transported in trunk? simply some concepts to mull over.
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I acquired the facility stop light on top of behind trunk area to job-related it was a negative bulb. Yet the 2 bulbs i took out from trunk space not poor , they work-related ok . They are on as soon as I rotate on the lights but dont walk on and also off as soon as i press the brake pedal. Due to the fact that the center stop irradiate is functioning i guess the brake switch is ok Is the fuse because that left and right behind tail brake light different that the facility stop ligt?Is is possible i am looking in ~ an invalid brake light area in the trunk for left and right brake lights? you re welcome help.Thanks
The 2 bulbs space bad. The bulb has double filament and the filament that"s an alleged to irradiate up during braking is blown. Gain a set of brand-new bulbs, DONE. Why even inspect the fuse?
The 2 bulbs space bad. The bulb has double filament and the filament that"s an alleged to light up throughout braking is blown. Gain a collection of brand-new bulbs, DONE. Why even check the fuse?
Correct the bulbs to be bad. Ns was lastly able to figure out the correct place of brake lights left and also right and also replaced them . All three brake lights are now workingThanks all
I regularly get behind someone that has actually no brake lights or only one of three working. I try to inform them as most world dont take the time to occasionally inspect their tail lights.

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