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I have actually a 2005 town & nation that walk NOT have the tow parcel installed. Ns am make the efforts to recognize what the towing volume of this auto would be. Looking come tow a 2,200 lb popular music up camper. Cannot determine from the owners hands-on what the max limit would be here. Can anybody help with this? Thanks!

You should be an ext than fine through 2200lbs. Just include a an excellent transmission cooler and also get a class3 hitch.
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If ns remember appropriately from mine owners manual a 02 TC with 3.8 and also towing kit might tow 2800 max. That seems low IMO. The towing kit is just a trans cooler, lights, and hitch and also maybe a larger rad yet I don"t think so. Therefore I would certainly think you have to be fine with 2200 pounds. Just gain a huge trans cooler and use 3 rather of D when going up hills or mountains.

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If you don"t have the towing package, 1,800 pounds is what you deserve to legally tow. That"s total trailer weight, and assuming no passenger in your van.If girlfriend DO have actually the towing package, 3,800 pounds is what you can legally tow. Same limitations as above...passengers or cargo in her van minimize the legit towing limit.Here"s the easy means to estimate what you deserve to tow: look at the tire safety placard on your driver side door jamb. It"ll perform a GVWR or similar. It"ll it is in something favor 5,700 pounds because that a non-towing van and also something prefer 7,700 pounds for a van through the tow package. That"s the full allowable load for your rig, consisting of the van and also the trailer, and also fuel, cargo, groceries, bikes, luggage, etc.Estimate that your van weighs 3,900 pounds when loaded with fuel and two people. Add 1,800 pounds to that and that"s her 5,700 pound limit. If you have a family of four, with a cargo carrier on top and also the dog in the back of the van, and also your van really weighs around 4,500 pounds rolling under the road, all you deserve to legally tow is 5,700-4,500=1,200 pounds.
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