So girlfriend go out to your 2007 Chrysler Town and Country and try to begin it just to listen ... TICK. And you to speak "uh oh".

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Replace Starter - Chrysler Town and also Country / evade Caravan first thing you probably think it would be is a dead battery, due to the fact that that is the normal culprit. Perhaps you coincidentally left the lights on or something and your battery died. Therefore you shot to jump start it, revolve the vital and ... TICK.Just 1 tick.Typically as soon as the battery is dying you will hear tick, tick, tick, tick...slowing down and trailing off. The sound is from the starter attempting to rotate the engine but there isn"t sufficient power to obtain it come spin.When you hear one single tick, it method the starter isn"t transforming at all. The tick you hear is native the equipment on the starter motor engaging with the flywheel on the engine. Commonly that gear engages, climate the starter spins and also the motor transforms on. So her starter unable to do bad.The an initial way to settle a starter the isn"t beginning is to hit it through a hammer. Occasionally you can gain dead point out on the coil that the electrical motor and also if you hit it v a hammer the can transition it around and also get off the dead spot and also start up. This is a an excellent temporary fix, however eventually it will uncover that dead point out again and you will have to keep hitting it.BUY new STARTERSo you must replace the starter. The great news is that the starter on the Chrysler city & nation only has actually 2 bolts and is near the front of the car. The negative news is the it"s a pain come replace.As always, i go come SlickDeals and also search for progressed Auto Coupon Codes. They always have huge discounts once you buy online from progressed Auto, the code is generally something choose TRT30, TRT41, etc...

There"s several and also you have actually to uncover the ideal one because that the biggest discount for what you space buying. Occasionally the 30% off is the best. This time i obtained $40 off once you invest over $100. Additionally they will certainly email friend $20 password every once in a while. For this reason the starter was $167, which consists of the main point return charge. Climate we obtained the $40 off and extr $20 off. With tax the final charge was $113. After that was every done we went back the old starter and also got $30 earlier so the final total was $80.

REPLACING STARTERFirst disconnect the battery, then rise under and disconnect the 2 wires going to the starter. There"s a tiny yellow wire which just pulls off and also a huge red wire. To obtain the bigger wire off you need to remove a nut.


Before going through everything, to make certain it"s the starter that"s bad, we associated those 2 wires come the new starter, grounded the starter to the steel frame, connected the battery and also turned the key. The brand-new starter whizzed as the motor be crazy around. So us knew for sure that it to be the starter that required to be replaced. If the new starter didn"t spin it would have actually been something else the was wrong.
So now time for the hard work. Prefer i said, there are just 2 bolts stop the starter in place. The bottom bolt is the simpler of the 2 come remove. It"s finest if you use a wracheting wrench because there isn"t sufficient room because that a socket wrench.
BUT... The top bolt is a actual pain to remove. It is a weird bolt. You should use a 15mm deep well socket to remove it.
Eventually friend will have to gain down come removing this small plug to acquire a direct line on the bolt to remove.
we tried for hrs to obtain it off, using every socket extension and also swivel socket head we had, yet could not gain it to bite. There to be too numerous things in line with the bolt and also we might not get the socket come fit. The bolt itself has actually threads, climate a nut, then an ext threads. It"s whereby the larger of the 2 wires attaches. The huge thing to recognize is that in stimulate to remove the other bolt you have to remove a ton of other things. You have to take turn off the plastic fan shroud, frame rail, and radiator fan. You additionally have come take turn off a plastic electrical cap and also move it to the side. Every one of those things have to be take away off, simply to acquire that socket and 15mm deep well aligned straight. All in all it wasn"t that much of a pains to eliminate that stuff. It only took 20 minutes, compared to the 3 hours we invested failing to obtain it off the very first day.
To download the brand-new starter, over there is a metal spacer that needs to be wedged in between. It says "UP" on that so girlfriend don"t screw it up. But it take away a the majority of effort and jiggling to obtain the starter come slide right into place. Then simply tighten the 2 bolts ago down.Before putting everything back together we tried to start the car. Luckily it began up perfectly. For this reason we put the fan, structure rail, and also plastic shroud earlier in place. Just like most car repairs girlfriend do, the very first time you do it takes hrs of screwing up. If i had actually to execute it again it might only take it 2 or 3 hours, but the very first time it took about 6 or more. Had actually i of recognized that i couldn"t eliminate that bolt without removing all that stuff it would have saved a many time.It quiet isn"t basic job however not impossible.
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very advantageous posting. Does it need brand-new gasket?

May 24, 2017 at 7:42 PM

Why didn't you simply take off bottom motor mount and bracket bam your there you did not need all the shit off

August 30, 2018 at 8:00 AM
Unknownsaid... do it method to complex you will require a long extension, 13, 15 socket, (possibly open finish 13, 15 as well if you i do not know loosen the rest of the way once the bolts are loosened I didnt though) long extension goes under the two aluminum present btw for optimal easy..1. Disconnect the negative side that battery. 10mm ratchet.2. Jack the front of the vehicle.3. Use jack was standing to support the vehicle. Execute not use only the jack. I use the jack as a earlier up because that the stands.4. Chock/Block the behind wheels.5. The Starter is situated on the front next of the engine, just below the exhaust manifold close to the transmission-flywheel housing. 6. Looking at the engine compartment from the left fender next of the van, there are two bolts (15mm) that should be removed. One located at 10-11 o'clock place on the Starter and one in ~ 4-5 o'clock position on the Starter. 7. The top Bolt is easily accessed native the prior of the vehicle going end the radiator. That is partially concealed by a black color brace. There is a black color ground cable going to where a nut is located. This first nut will permit you come take turn off the ground connection, however the bolt has an additional nut more in (to the left) which is entirely hidden. Eliminate this an initial nut.8. After ~ the very first nut is off then making use of a deep socket 15mm socket eliminate the second nut which is attached to the bolt.9. Go under the automobile to remove the wires native the Starter. The first wire is the optimistic cable (should be red) fastened on the solenoid portion of the starter. That is a 13mm nut, eliminate the nut and also lock washer and also detatch the wire. The second wire (single small gauge) goes to the solenoid and is connected using a on slide lock - push release connection. That is difficult to see the on slide lock and also the push release located on the height side the the connection. Slide the red on slide lock out and press the release, and also pull the end the connection straight out. Do not pressure it, or it may damages the connector. Note the location of the bottom bolt position on the Starter. Carry out NOT eliminate the tow (2) small, yet long connector bolts ~ above the wire connection end that the starter.10. Mental the provided postion: remove the lower 15mm bolt from the Starter. The bolt head is situated on the earlier side of plate relocating towards the left side of the Van. That is quickly accessed from under in prior of the transmission. Close to the end of removing this bolt, support the starter or that will fall out.11. Eliminate the Starter, note the place of the starter. There need to be a separate starter facing plate. If if didn't come down v the starter inspect up in the starter to flywheel opening and also remove the plate.12. Installation is turning back of above. The dealing with plate is a little tricky getting it to stay in place. By beginning with the bottom bolt it is easier, Make sure you continuously support the Starter in place to save crossthreading the bolt or starter. Hand tighten only the bottom bolt as youwnat to be able to turn the starter contempt to get the top bolt in.Starter Bolts room tigthen to 35 ft-lbs.I hope this helped. Permit me know if it assisted or if friend need additional help.

February 3, 2019 at 5:25 PM

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I favored the short & uncomplicated presentation. The video production followed the dialog well. Like many Chrysler T & C starter replacement video articles ~ above Youtube, video shots poorly shot where the bolts are situated for example. It's challenging to quickly understand looking up from the ground and also down from the top of the engine where room the bolts located.If you room interested to end up being professional, many neighborhood colleges now have actually certificate programs in video production.The systems is to use obtainable diagrams of the starter. You could do your very own drawing. Also, consider computer animation or some form of Augmented Reality, AR.One client AR repair manuals room the equipped services. They want to teach "Maintainers" top top the task & to work under pressure. This idea might be used for any repair process.AR is not usual on Youtube & as a basic practice because that teaching. Business applications are an ext profitable. The auto market is sluggish to take on this approach.Cheers, JSW.