( A 4 - +12 V Direct) ( A5 Antenna calculation +) ( A6 Ilum.) ( A7 +12 V Accessories) ( A8 - GND) ( B1 RR +) ( B2 RR-) ( B3 RF +) ( B4 RF-) ( B5 LF +) ( B6 LF-) ( B7 LR +) ( B8 LR-)


Delphi Famar CDR-2005

Konzern Sam - Sam 2000 ( A1 Gala) ( A2 Mute) ( A3 Diagnosis) ( A4 +12. Acc.) ( A5 + 12.Permanente) ( A6 Ilum.)A1 Gala) ( A2 Mute) ( A3 Diagnosis) ( A4 +12. Acc.) ( A5 +12. Standing) ( A6 Ilum.) ( A7 v.Permanente +12) ( A8 GND) ( C1 LR + line Out) ( C2 RR + heat Out) ( C3 Audio GND) ( C4 LF + heat Out.) ( C5 RF + line Out.) ( C6 Amp.Control.) ( C7 phone call input.) ( C8 screen remote clock.) C9 remote Data Display) ( C10 Remote screen enable) ( C11 far SWC) ( C12 Tel.In) ( C13 to C20 dating CDX)

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DELCO MODEL: 14179985


DELCO MODEL: 16149451


DELCO MODEL: 16194975


DELCO-LOC II MODEL: 16220765 do in USA


CADILLACGMT265 L1.0SIEMENS VDOST10F168-Q3 (265V175L10)24C64 smdNO
CADILLACGMT265 L1.5 6CDSIEMENS VDOST10F168-Q3 (265V175L15)24C64 smdNO

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