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My vehicle crossed over 70k miles recently, and also afaik the serpentine belt has actually not punishment replaced. I was looking at this today and with the tight clearance ns can"t number out which pulley is the tensioner.This is a 2005 RWD Northstar.Anyone excellent this can give me any type of hints?Thanks!

There is commonly a diagram mirroring the course of the belt. Does it have an indicator? GM"s usually have a tensioner release that takes a 1/2" square socket drive.
I don"t have the N* but I do have the shop hands-on for 2006 N*; that looks together you have two belts, one for the alternator and one for the a/c compressor/power steering/water pump. That looks a tiny crowded under there so you might need to review your an abilities before attempting. The tensioners have actually the square feet in them and also rotate clockwise to loosen tension.

Any possibility your manual has a routing diagram, and any way I can get a copy of it?Where go you obtain the manual?


I"ve checked out it yet don"t mental where. In the morning I"ll be doing part garage duty & will certainly pop the hood. I require to check fluids and adjust tire pressures anyway. It"s warmed up about 30 degrees!
Thanks C&C. I didn"t see it anywhere, however I didn"t remove the engine covers.I additionally checked mine manual. The only has the V"s belt routing, walk figure!
Does anybody has removal and also install instructions for AC/PS/water pump belt in N*? perhaps some hands-on pics as above.Thanks.
The pictures above above are indeed for the V8 4.6 Northstar.To remove the belt in question just untention the belts tentioner (number 2 in the first picture) as explained in the description number 2.

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Thanks. I see. Does any special tools required to untention this tentioner for both belts?
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