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morning....I pickup a 04 tundra 4x4 this previous Thursday and also i"m make the efforts to find out if this yr tundra has actually these in-cabin air-filters in check out about, yet can"t seem come find any type of info top top this items in the manual, ns did try the search function, but , acquired untin... , coarse, my search an abilities may just suck too.... But, can anyone aid me out here ....? up until now, I"ve never even heard that these type of air-filter prior to now, or probably it"s just in the 2nds generation tundra"s that have them .oh yea ns luv this truck.....any an every responces are welcome... Thanxbe wellswampdog50

I don"t think you have a cabin wait filter. What I"ve read, they weren"t placed in until 2007.DIY 2004 Toyota Tundra SR5 Cabin air FilterDoes a Toyota tundra have actually cabin wait filter

Go huge or go home! 2007 Tundra Limited, 4.7 V8, 4x4List of present mods:AudioVox remote StartLED piece courtesy lightsList that future mods: *to long to fit*

That"s exactly how they spell in Nepa.Just wait until this generation of youngsters gets the end in the actual world. Everything will have the dreaded LOL and OMFG. I won"t even enter the smiley faces...... Heck, most can"t also do an easy math without having actually to usage a calculator on their smart-phone.I won"t even go into run top top sentences....But hey, we acquired the point of what he/she was asking and got to help out. That"s what this website is for, help each various other with our Tundras becuzz us luv dem soo!

I am that generation i m really sorry didn"t median for the short article to come out critical.. Simply wanted to point it the end we do luv ours Tundras!!! sent from free App
Go big or walk home! 2007 Tundra Limited, 4.7 V8, 4x4List of current mods:AudioVox far StartLED strip courtesy lightsList of future mods: *to long to fit*
Rockporter... Thanx because that the links......CODedvengence...... I was born in 1950... I recognize what her saying, ns typed that out this morning, reason I was in a hurry to get somewhere and also didn"t proof check out it ...... Five well no worriesbe wellswampdog50
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