How to replace Serpentine drive Belt 02-06 Nissan Altima L4 25L

Use the belt diagram and step-by-step instructions detailed in this video clip to assist you replace the serpentine belt on your 02-06 Nissan Altima L4 2.5L.

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loosen the 21mm lug nuts with the automobile on the ground progressive the auto with a floor jack secure the vehicle on jack stands remove the lug nuts Pull off the wheel
turn the brake assembly eliminate the 10mm bolt indigenous the splash shield eliminate the splash shield Familiarize yourself through the path of the serpentine belt Insert a 14mm wrench right into the tensioner turn the tensioner clockwise to ease the belt pull the belt off relax the tensioner pull the belt turn off by hand
Loop the belt over the alternator bring it approximately the water pump bring it about the strength steering pulley lug it roughly the idler pulley carry the belt about the crank pulley carry it approximately the A/C pulley-block Pull the tensioner clockwise v a 14mm wrench lug it around the belt tensioner release the tensioner Insert the splash shield in location Tighten the 10mm bolts to the splash shield
slide the wheel into place start the lug nuts through hand Tighten the lug nuts preliminarily lower the auto to the ground Tighten the lug nuts come 80 foot-pounds in a cross or star pattern

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Tools necessary for replacement

basic Tools

Jack Stands

Floor Jack

Ratchets & connected

Torque Wrench


Screwdrivers & connected

Flat tongue Screwdriver

Sockets - Metric

21mm Socket

14mm Socket

10mm Socket

Wrenches - Metric

14mm Wrench

Hi, i’m Mike from 1A Auto. We’ve been offering auto parts for over 30 years!To access the journey belts in this car, we"re going to remove the wheel, yet first, I"m walk to loosen the lug nuts while it"s ~ above the ground prior to I lift and also support it. This method it"s much easier to eliminate the lug nuts. Use a breaker bar and also a 21-millimeter socket. You have the right to freed up. Lift and also support the vehicle. We"re using a two short article lift, but you can use a jack and also jack stands. These lug nuts are pretty loose. I"m simply going to use the socket to end up removing them. The last lug nut, I"ll host onto the wheel so it doesn"t fall. Pull wheel off. Location that aside. Going come grab the brake and knuckle and suspension assembly here and just shot to revolve it. Just provide me part extra space. We"ll remove this shield here. Eliminate this little ten millimeter bolt here on this splash shield. It"s pretty loose. Take it a level bladed screw driver and pop these press clips out. Through the splash shields aside, we deserve to see wherein our journey belt is. We"re going to take it a 14-millimeter wrench, this is ours auto-tensioner here. We should pull the stress and anxiety off the this for this reason we can remove the belt. Clearance in between the framework rail and also the tensioner is really, really close, so ns can"t get a breaker bar and also socket in there. I"m walk to use the wrench. Begin it the end here. We"re walking to traction it to the back of the car. Then there is an ear through a feet in the that will fit a six-millimeter dimension bolt. When I have the tension removed, and also I push this through, it will lock the tensioner, basically, in the open up position ~ above tension. That means I deserve to work on removed the belts. Let"s relieve the tension. Placed our small six-millimeter bolt in here. It"s going to host the tension. I have the right to release it. Now I can reach up. I"m walk to begin on the water pump which is appropriate here. Traction it off. I"m simply going to feeding the belt turn off of every the pulleys. Last one is way up height on the alternator. I"m just going to choose it up and lift that off and pull the belt out. Here"s our initial drive belt from our vehicle. Here"s our brand new one from See, it"s the same amount that ribs. If we stretch castle out, it"s the same thing. If her belt is worn out, prefer this one is, this brand-new one will gain your car running again. We"re walk to do a loop through the pulley choose with the belt like this. Make a loop so ns go up and also over the alternator pulley. If you"ve acquired the vehicle on jack stand on the ground, it can be less complicated just to walk up with the engine bay. Since I have the right to reach it, I"m walk to placed up over. I"m going to wrap the belt about the water pump pulley. Up and also over the power steering pump pulley. Go roughly the tensioner that goes up and also over the crank. Goes about the crank pulley, down about the AC compressor. It"s actually popped off of the water pump pulley. That"s fine since I"ve obtained it in the general area of every the pulleys. Now due to the fact that the water pump wheel is smooth, I"m walk to reach up and move the belt down right into place, slide it around and also over the water pump pulley. Make certain that it stays in the grooves in the alternator. It"s in the grooves of the AC compressor. It"s roughly the tensioner. It"s in the grooves of the crank pulley. It"s sitting in the grooves roughly the power steering pump pulley. I"m happy through the method this is routed. I"m walk to take it the 14-millimeter wrench and pull the anxiety off that this therefore I can remove that small bolt I provided to host it. Switch hands. Move this a little bit so i have much more room. Now be cautious releasing this so girlfriend don"t pinch her fingers. Let the stress and anxiety out top top the tensioner. The drive belt is replaced. Reinstall ours plastic splash shield, utilizing the push clips that we took the end of here. Location the bolt that were in here. There"s actually two bolts here, one is missing. We"re just going to install the lower one. You desire to make sure you this splash shield back in place since it keeps water, well, that keeps part water, debris, just general stuff indigenous the road as her driving under from getting captured up in your drive belt. Straighten ours suspension the end again. Reinstall our wheel. Starting the lug nuts by hand. Walking to take it our socket and also just use it through hand to obtain these lug nuts tight. All right, through all the lug nuts seated. Location the car on the ground and torque the lug nuts. I"m going come torque this lug nuts to 84 pounds.Thanks because that watching. Visit united state at for high quality auto parts, quick and cost-free shipping, and also the ideal customer service in the industry.