While no a fun job, instead of the O2 sensors on her TL will offer your ride far better mileage and manners. Instead of them when necessary will conveniently save the driver enough in fuel to get rid of the instead of cost. Check out on to gain the low down on replacement.

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This article applies to the Acura TL (2004-2008).

The O2 sensors offer the computer system indication of exactly how much oxygen is in the exhaust stream, and also therefore enable it to make decisions on exactly how much fuel come put right into the mechanism to gain the air/fuel mixture together close to stock as possible. If the O2 sensors don"t should be changed really often, commonly every 100k miles, castle do prosper lazy over time. Once this happens, fuel usage suffers. Usually the fuel usage goes under over one extended period of time, so progressively that most automobile owners don"t realize it has happened. When replaced and the computer system is reset, fuel mileage will certainly go up, occasionally dramatically. This project is normally a little harder than many for one reason: after ~ 100,000 miles in the really hot exhaust system, the O2"s will be practically welded into place.


Materials NeededRatchet and/or breaker barO2 sensor socketExtensions as neededAnti-seize compound

Selecting the best O2 sensor come replace deserve to be difficult to figure out for the uninitiated. For the TL, there space four various O2 sensors: two located before the cat (upstream) and two after (downstream). Specifics the one come the behind of the engine and before the cat is considered bank 1, sensor 1 or B1S1. The sensor after the cat ~ above the same side is considered financial institution 1, sensor 2, or B1S2. The sensors in ~ the prior of the engine are taken into consideration B2S1 and B2S2, respectively.

It is declared on the forums to stay away from the Bosch generic sensors, as these don"t occupational well v the engine management on the TL. There are numerous brands which can be chosen, yet Honda/Acura OEM sensors are preferred. You have the right to never go wrong v OEM anything. The is also highly recommended to adjust out the O2 sensors in pairs. If you have actually a code for one sensor being negative (upstream), change both. The downstream sensors space not almost as crucial to change in pairs as their just job is to ensure the proper function of the cat and also do not impact how the engine itself runs.

Step 1 – eliminate engine covers and retrieve radio code

Raise the hood. If present, remove all of the engine covers, since they will be in the way.

If friend don"t already have them, retrieve the 5 digit radio code. There space three simple places whereby the code can be. First, watch in the owner"s manual. Initially there to be a card which came from the manufacturing facility with the password on it along with the serial number. Second, the may have been written in the maintenance manual by the technician who very first worked ~ above the auto when that was obtained by the dealership. Third, the code may be top top a nondescript white sticker, i beg your pardon would have been placed either in the glove box or in the trunk, again, by the an initial technician.

If the password cannot be uncovered in any kind of of this places, every is not lost. Retrieve the serial number of the radio from the radio chin by pushing the 1 and also 6 buttons in ~ the same time, then pushing the on button. The eight number number will appear in the display screen in two segments. Speak to Acura client Services at 1-800-382-2238 v your VIN as well as the serial number and they can give you the code. After you room sure you have actually the radio code, disconnect the battery so the computer system will reset fuel tables earlier to factory.

Figure 1. Radio code tag.

Step 2 – eliminate strut tower brace

Remove the strut tower brace by removing the three 12mm nuts and solitary 10mm bolt indigenous the passenger next (left side figure 2), then eliminate the three 12mm nuts and two 10mm bolts native the driver side (right side number 2). To make removal the the bolt ~ above the passenger side easier, disconnect the attached component of the wiring harness (red arrow, left side number 2).

Figure 2. Strut tower brace removal.

Step 3 – remove O2 sensor

Locate which O2 sensor from number 3 will certainly be removed first. In the image, the sensors are numbered 9, 10, 11, and 12. Use the O2 sensor socket to rest the sensor free. Disconnect O2 connector native wiring harness. Usage the socket, if necessary, to complete unscrewing the sensor and also remove native vehicle. A 7/8" mix wrench have the right to sometimes be of use below to aid removal. Examine the old sensor versus the brand-new sensor to ensure the wiring plugs room the exact same configuration prior to proceeding. Relying on which brand is purchased, the sensor finish may be different.

Figure 3. O2 sensor diagram.
Pro Tip

During removal, if you check the pigtail of the old sensor against the brand-new sensor and ensure you have the exactly sensor, cut off the pigtail the the old sensor. This makes it much much easier to traction the O2 sensor rather than fumbling through it together the sensor turns around and around.


Don"t touch the company end that the O2 sensor, together this can damage or destroy it prior to it"s ever installed.

Place a little amount that anti-seize compound on the threads of the sensor. Screw the sensor into the sensor bung and also hand-tighten. Finish tightening by making use of the socket. For sure the like washer is in full contact with the bung to stop leaks right into the exhaust system, which could interfere with suitable O2 function.

Figure 4. Brand-new and old O2 sensors.

Step 5 – Re-code the radio

After replacing affected sensors, change the strut tower brace. If the procedure has actually taken an ext than 30 minutes, attach the battery. Utilizing the code obtained in step 1, revolve on the vehicle to watch "code" in the display. Intake the 5 digit code and the radio should end up being live again.

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If navigating is mounted in her TL, it will call for a four digit code. If the sticker for the radio to be placed, the Navi code must be near by.