I picked up two wiring harnesses because that my wife's Saturn in an effort to download a head unit we had actually lying approximately - difficulty is ns don't have actually a wiring diagram for the Saturn harness. Anybody have any type of ideas on whereby I might get one online? So much my search results have actually been less than satisfying...

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A google search carried me come this for a 2000 Saturn LS1

Does this it seems ~ right?

Further hampering your efforts is the substantial name screw up the Saturn gave to this bigger car.

Their smaller sized cas was the SL, SC, SW through 1 for single cam and also 2 because that dual. As soon as they carried out the larger car they went through LS and also LW with 1 for 4cyl and also 2 because that 6 cyl.

The difficulty is that once you google find LS1 the may really well return you items for SL1

Furthermore, because of a 3-way battle over "LS" from Lincoln, Lexus and also Saturn then Saturn was required to change to LS100, LS200, LS300. Every one of this makes it hard to get quality google results.

Would a harness adapter like this help?https://www.amazon.com/Stereo-Harness-Saturn-wiring-installation/dp/B0068PH6SA

Unfortunately the does not look like my harness and what I've seen comparing the L200 matches the lw200 in other words the sedan versus the wagon, the harnesses carry out not appear to be the same.

Luckily my aging eyes haven't rather failed me yet and I noticed the they space all labeled through the correct designation. I simply noticed that and also it began splicing the male and also female end on everything. Cross her fingers that must work and I'll understand within the next couple hours.

Success! Now, speakers.


Great news! ns noticed as soon as I plugged the battery ago in and also turned on the automobile I magically dropped 14k miles! The Saturn is ago to it's pre-purchase usage of 39,522 miles.

See more: How Many Miles Can A 2010 Dodge Journey Last, How Long Do Dodge Journeys Last

I'm currently the owner of a 39k mile Saturn the I only paid $1500 for!

Wait a minute...

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