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So according to mine Haynes hand-operated the engine cylinder numbers go 123 from front that the engine compartment back on the passenger side, and 456 top top the driver side. The hands-on says the cylinders correspond through the coil load 123 from front to back on the passenger side, and also 564 on the driver. But my truck has always been hooked up through 123 ~ above the driver side and 465 ~ above the various other side instead of 564. Has anyone else seen anything prefer this? i tried connecting mine wires the way the hand-operated says yet the van wouldnt even run. Hand-operated my enginecoil engine coil engine34 36 53 "26 25 62 "15 14 41 " FRONT

the diagram i tried to do didnt come the end well. Imagine those numbers as 3 columns, each column comprised of 3 sets of 2 numbers. The first column is the diagram of the coil in mine manual, the second column is the engine cylinder order, and the last tower is the way my coil fill is collection up
Thanks! ns hooked up my truck in this fashion and also it finally got rid of my misfire. Why would the haynes manual display the wires collection up as if the coil was turned 180 degrees around? has actually anyone rather noticed this discrepancy?
On older trucks the coil is turned approximately 180 degrees, the picture in the hands-on is because that older trucks. BTW if you clean off the coil they are marked.
I was just going to ask this question, but decided come look first. Many thanks a lot N20-3.0 for the pic. That is a life saver. I had actually my wires going 456 top top the coil. Currently I understand I must switch the two. The pic will aid me placed my vacuum hose and heater hoses in, together there were as soon as built.^bump

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