Here space videos and guides to show you just how to recharge your air condition system and find the fee port. permit us recognize what happens and please upload photos or videos the the problem.

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I need to add freon to the air conditioner system. The amient temperature external is approx. 95 degrees. What should the low side push be? ns have discovered several charts online, however I am not certain if castle are certain to mine truck and also I perform not want to over fill the system. Thank You

There have to be a brand under the hood come let you know what capacity must be if you have actually only a front wait conditioner or front and also rear waiting conditioner, yet usually the pressure have to be between 30-40 psi.


here is a video clip that explains this and shows the location. Girlfriend will see it on the hard AC line on the passenger side. Https:// here is a overview on just how to recharge a system: here is a guide on exactly how to just add Freon:, i attached the spec of what the pressure have to be when the system is full based on ambient temperature. Let us know if you have actually other questions. Thanks

can you send me a snapshot of the air conditioning system that would present me whereby the low pressure port is located so I can hook increase a recharge kit.
that is ~ above the optimal of the reciever dryer. Right here is a pic that it and also the low press port is top top top close to the hose that comes the end of the top. Hope this helps. Your donations is what keeps us going. Thanks.


Okay, for this reason I changed my entirety AC mechanism last summer since the old compressor locked up and also it was warm as Satan. Vacuumed the system and charged it the exactly way. This year the system was functioning fine for around a week. Now when I start the truck the compressor will kick on for around thirty seconds and then shut off. I have a gauge on the low press side and when the compressor clutch is engaged the gauge is in the environment-friendly like everything is okay. Then the compressor shuts off and also the gauge goes come red. This happens every time I start my truck. What is causing my compressor to kick earlier off?

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What precisely did you replace as soon as you did the work? Your summary sounds favor you have a blockage in the system and also it is avoiding the device from working. Typically as a minimum you would flush every line on its own, flush the evaporator, change the condenser, compressor, receiver/drier and also install an inline filter to record anything girlfriend missed. Far better is to replace everything, except any type of open lines the you have the right to flush and also still install a filter since the compressor chewed chin up and dumped metal right into the system. Perform you have an AC gauge set? the is the bare minimum the you need to even start testing. You have to see what the low and high side pressures room doing as the compressor cycles. I think you will see that the short side start to traction a vacuum and also the high side spikes and the pressure switch turn off it off.