How to change the Engine Oil in a 4.6L or 5.4L F-150

Oil transforms are forced at specific intervals to ensure the longevity of her engine. Prolonging oil readjust intervals or neglecting to have your engine oil readjusted will ultimately an outcome in premature birth engine failure. If you have minimal mechanical experience, it is recommended you learn from the town hall a seasoned mechanic carry out the task, as basic as it might seem. Do an oil readjust per the manufacturer recommended intervals, which can be uncovered in her owner"s manual. (3,000 miles/6 months or 5,000 miles/8 months is common, but it depends on the vehicle). High usage vehicles may benefit from much more frequent oil changes.

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Applicable model Years: 1997 - 2010 Ford F-150 (4.6L and also 5.4L engines) Engine Oil Filter part Number*: Motorcraft FL820S (Motorcraft FL400S for details 4.6L Windsor engines, see footnote) 4.6L Engine Oil Capacity: 6 qts w/ filter (U.S. Quarts) 5.4L Engine Oil Capacity: 6 qts w/ filter 1997 - 2003 design years, 7 qts w/ filter 2004 - 2010 design years (U.S. Quarts) 1997 - 1999 Engine Oil Viscosity: SAE 5W-30 (full synthetic) 2000 - 2010 Engine Oil Viscosity: SAE 5W-20 (full synthetic) *Certain model year 4.6L engines supplied oil filter p/n FL400S; examine filter component number or describe owners manual. FL820S and also FL400S filters room NOT interchangeable.


• The correct oil viscosity is detailed on the oil fill tube. If the is default or missing, refer to the viscosity specs above. You will need 6 quarts that oil for every 4.6L engines and also 1997 to 2003 model year 5.4L engines. 2004 come 2010 version year 5.4L engines call for 7 quarts that engine oil. Always refer to your owners hands-on to verify oil specifications for your vehicle.

• locate the oil to fill cap in the engine only on the passenger side valve cover. Ease the oil to fill cap but do not eliminate (sometimes this help the oil drain quicker).


• place an oil drainpipe container in ~ the drainpipe plug on the engine oil pan. If your oil drain plug is located on the next of the oil pan, girlfriend will need to position it so the the oil soil in the container and also not the soil (it will have a propensity to shooting out rather than drainpipe straight down).

• eliminate the drainpipe plug using a boxed end wrench or socket - perform not effort to remove the drainpipe plug through an open end wrench as it will strip easily.


• since motor oil is a hazardous material, it is recommended that you undertake latex/oil resistant gloves.

• when the oil is draining, clean the oil drainpipe plug with a lint free rag. Carry out not usage solvents.


• once the supplied oil has actually drained completely, reinstall the drainpipe plug. Hand tighten the plug as much as possible to eliminate cross threading. If the oil pan threads room stripped, the entire oil pan will should be eliminated in stimulate to replace or fix it properly. When hand tightened, finishing tightening the drainpipe plug v a wrench/socket. For sure the plug is snugged down - carry out no overtighten.

• Reposition the oil container under the oil filter or proper filter drain channel if equipped. Many 4.6L/5.4L fitted trucks have an oil filter drainpipe slide located over the center of the former axle.


• remove the oil filter by unscrewing that from the engine block. ~ above 4.6L/5.4L engines, the filter is located on the driver side of the engine block and is best accessed by crawling under the vehicle and reaching upwards. It might seem challenging to access, however after a few oil transforms you will get the cave of it. One oil filter wrench might be supplied to help you however, if the filter was installed correctly, it have to come turn off by hand. Appropriately dispose that the oil filter. A plastic zip loc layout bag is normally welcomed for recycling purposes. If it is tight and also you space unable to access it with an oil filter wrench, shot wrapped a piece of sandpaper (we use emery cloth) approximately the filter. You can frequently grip the sandpaper far better than the canister itself, particularly if that is oily.

• Clean the oil filter mounting surface with a clean, lint complimentary rag, ensuring that the old filter gasket is no stuck to the mounting surface. Do not usage solvents. Be sure the surface ar is clean before continuing.

• Prepare your brand-new replacement oil filter by using a tiny amount of fresh motor oil to the oil filter gasket (the rubber o-ring placed to the surface of the brand-new filter). Using your finger, obstacle the oil roughly the gasket till it is completely lubricated (this is vital to gaining a an excellent seal).

• If you would like, you might fill the brand-new filter v 1 quart of fresh motor oil. This action is not required, though some speculate it stays clear of dry start after transforming the motor oil. The is complicated to download a fill oil filter once it is placed horizontally top top the engine block there is no spilling. We choose to, at minimal, "wet" the filter by filling it through ~1/2 a quart of new oil.

• v the gasket effectively lubricated, download the new oil filter in the very same fashion you eliminated it. Carry out not use an oil filter wrench to tighten the filter. Snug the filter so the it seats tightly versus the mounting surface. Over there is no must overtighten the filter, just tighten that as much as possible by hand. Friend should have the ability to remove the filter by hand at your following oil adjust if it was mounted properly (some stamin required).

• through the oil drainpipe plug and brand-new oil filter installed, the is time to add your brand-new engine oil. Eliminate the oil to fill cap and also stick a clean, oil for sure funnel right into the to fill neck. Slowly poor in the required amount of new engine oil.

• after you have actually filled the engine through oil, reinstall the oil to fill cap.

• traction the dipstick and also verify the engine oil level. If the oil level is low, dual check the you supplied the exactly amount.

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• examine for leaks around the oil filter drain plug, then start the truck. The oil press gauge need to travel to typical within 5 to 10 seconds, otherwise something was done incorrectly and also there is a problem. Use a flashlight to check for leaks around the oil filter. is no affiliated v nor endorsed by Ford Motor company or any type of manufacturer pointed out herein, uneven explicitly provided otherwise.