The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation valve) top top the Dodge ram mixes exhaust gas v fresh air from the intake manifold to lower emissions. The EGR valve offers an electrical motor regulated by the PCM to manage the lot of exhaust gas entering the combustion chamber. When electric or mechanically EGR valve fail occur, difficulties such as negative acceleration and reduced fuel economy can result.

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This article uses to the evade Ram 3rd Generation (2002-2008)

The EGR valve is an digital solenoid the moves a pintle, opening and closing a passageway for exhaust gas to flow through. The valve is bolted come the intake manifold/cylinder head and also a steel hose connects it to the exhaust manifold/intake manifold. An electrical connector sends and receives signal to the PCM (powertrain control module) to control the valves motion for optimal emissions. When the engine is in ~ moderate or heavy loads, the EGR valve will open up to reduce the formation of oxides the nitrogen (a poisonous gas) indigenous the combustion process. As soon as a trouble occurs, the EGR valve can come to be stuck open up or closed, leading to poor fuel economy, unstable idling, and also engine knock.

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EGR Valve Overview

There room several different manufactures to purchase from when picking an EGR valve. The determinants in the decision encompass price, accessible warranty, user reviews, and reliability.

MoparDoormanStandard engine Products
Warranty24 Months/Unlimited MilesLimited Lifetime3 Years/36,000 miles



Best Quality: MoparBest Value: Doorman

Symptoms of a poor EGR Valve

Stuck ClosedEngine Knock: together the mile pass, carbon build up at the EGR valve inlet and outlets. When this restriction becomes serious enough, engine knock have the right to develop. This is most frequently heard as a tapping or pinging noise, because it is many noticeable during cruising and also moderate throttle. This occurs since the engine might not establish the inadequate amount the exhaust gas entering burning is not sufficient to combat engine knock. Fortunately, contemporary vehicles" computer system systems space programmed through the reasonable to recognize this EGR flow trouble and readjust engine parameters as well as collection the linked diagnostic problem code.

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Stuck OpenPoor Idling, Stalling, and also Engine No-Start: as the engine paint, etc in fresh air, it"s no expecting to need to compensate because that the inert exhaust gas. No fuel is added to make up for the exhaust gas, and also combustion cannot take place.Poor Acceleration: The air/fuel ratio is no optimized with the valve stuck open, bring about a to decrease in engine output.

How to install the EGR Valve

The EGR valve is in various locations for the 5.7 and also 3.7/4.7 engines. ~ above the 5.7, you will discover it tucked in between the air box and also alternator. Top top the 3.7/4.7, you will find it on the earlier of the engine near the firewall. This one is dramatically harder come reach than the 5.7"s. There space a total of four bolts: one is ~ above the connector attached come the valve.


Materials Needed1/4" ratchet3/8" ratchet1/4" 8mm socket10mm deep socketSwivel adapterFlat head screwdriver3" extension10mm wrenchShop ragBrake cleanerEmery fabric or fine grit sanpaperPenetrating oilRubber glovesSafety glasses
Step 1 – remove the resonator box (4.7/3.7 engines only)

The 4.7/3.7"s EGR valve is situated on the behind of the driver"s next cylinder head, do it really hard to change without removing the resonator box.

Refer to action 1 of the connected Article: exactly how to change Ignition Coils and also Spark Plugs because that this procedure.

Step 2 – remove the EGR valve

Begin remove the EGR valve from the 5.7 engine by locating it between the waiting box and also alternator. At the height of the valve girlfriend will view a black electric connector plug through a red tab. Press the red tab come the best to unlock it, and then squeeze the flexible tab top top the connector plug when pulling it far from the valve.

Now, remove the exhaust hose from the EGR valve. There space two bolts v 8mm heads. If her hose shows up rusted, soaking the bolts with a penetrating lubricant will mitigate the opportunity of a bolt breaking.

Lastly, remove the 2 bolts with 10mm top holding the valve to the entry manifold. It"s ideal to usage a deep socket to reach this bolts.

The only difference in removal for the 4.7/3.7 EGR valve is that is location. Disconnect the electric connector the same means as the 5.7"s. Once your are ready to remove the exhaust hose from the valve, usage a 1/4" 8mm socket with a swivel and a 3" extension. You will not be able to see the two bolts with 10mm top holding the valve come the cylinder head, and will must remove castle by feel. The EGR valve will certainly then be all set for removal.

Figure 1. The ar of the 5.7 engines EGR valve.
Figure 2. The EGR valve off of the truck.
Figure 3. The ar of the EGR valve on the 4.7/3.7 engines.
Figure 4. The 4.7/3.7 EGR valve removed.Step 3 – Clean the gasket mating surfaces

This uses to the deals with of the exhaust hose and also intake manifold/cylinder head. Use a fine grit sandpaper or emery cloth together with brake cleaner and also a rag come remove every one of the carbon/gasket product from this surfaces.

Figure 5. The cylinder head EGR mating surface on the 4.7/3.7 engine.Step 4 – install the new EGR Valve

Slide the 2 bolts v 10mm heads with the valve, and also then ar the gasket end the bolts. Now overview the valve down right into position against the cylinder head/intake manifold. Object the bolts by hand first, and then tighten lock down until snug. Location the new exhaust water tap gasket top top the surface ar of the exhaust hose, and also slide the 2 bolts with 8mm heads right into the hose. Install the water tap to the valve through hand first, and then tighten the bolts till snug. Press the electric plug ago into the EGR valve plug, and also lock the plug through the red tab.

For the 4.7/3.7, you will need to re-install the resonator box.

To clean the check engine light, disconnect the an adverse battery cable v a 10mm wrench for 5 minutes.

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Figure 6. The 4.7/3.7"s brand-new EGR valve has been installed.

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