Then either by hand or making use of the tool displayed in the pictures, i pull the retaining pin the end that stop the heater duct in place.

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This is the view of the heater vent through the extension removed. The actuator is over the duct. Inn situation you are wondering the piece in the duct is the duct temperature sensor.


Now the the actuator is out of the way, you can see the two door levers. The tiny black one to the left is because that the defroster door. The bigger white one through the equipment teeth attached is because that the vent / floor door.


Note the place of the actuator cog come the actuator motor. The actuators come prepositioned to permit for less complicated assembly. Carry out not affix the wiring to the actuator until the new actuator is installed. If you do for part reason, refer earlier to this photo to reindex the actuator come the exactly position.To acquisition a brand-new actuator you re welcome click here.


Remember once installing the mounting screws that the top screw host down the wiring harness retainer clip.


The new actuator installed.


To perform a recalibration that the newly mounted actuator, I used a tech 2 scan tool. If you carry out not have actually a scan device you have actually two choices. Remove the fuse shown listed below for one minute or disconnect the battery for one minute. After ~ the fuse is installed or the battery is reconnected, start the engine and also let it run for at least one minute (I prefer the old time the 4 minutes). Carry out NOT TOUCH the a/c controls during this time. Rotate the ignition off for at the very least ten seconds. Restart the engine and also check the a/c operation.


Please look carefully at the photo below so the you can identify where the two door levers are. Ns have had some world tell me that there is just one. The defroster lever has actually a pin sticking increase that needs to be to adjust in a close up door slot in the under next of the actuator cog. The white vent/floor gear lever has actually a pen on the underside that need to drop into the inner open slot in the actuator cog. The equipment teeth have to self align when the actuator is moved.

I am building a check procedure for this actuator. Present testing is together follows.

At the mode actuator, through the ignition switched on, inspect for battery voltage top top the brown wire.

Check because that a 5 volt referral signal on the light blue/black wire.

The yellow wire should show ground as it is the recommendation low signal from the regulate head assembly.

The light environment-friendly wire should have a variable 0-5 volt signal top top it. This is the actuator position signal.

The tan cable is the command signal wire. There have to be one of three voltages current as different modes room commanded.

5 volt signal is the command for respond to clockwise rotation.

2.5 volt signal is the avoid command.

0 volt command is for clockwise rotation.

I have found through bench testing an actuator the there is a in the name 2.5 volt output from the actuator ~ above the tan wire. The manage head as such must use a floor on the tan wire to reduce the voltage come zero to command clockwise rotation. The must additionally apply voltage to bring the analysis to 5 volts in order come command respond to clockwise rotation.

All voltages advert to over should be thought about nominal volts. In testing, I uncovered that a sports of .75 volts indigenous the 2.5 volt avoid command was enough to move the actuator.

When law testing, if you discover no sport on the tan wire, perform not jump to the conclusion that the control head is faulty. The device will get in a “sleep mode” if a difficult fault is found with one actuator. The mechanism will identify this in ~ a minute or 2 of turning the ignition on. You have to have your meter set up and also ready to watch the reading prior to you actually turn the key on. Friend may likewise have come clear hard fault codes before the system will even try to move the affected actuator. You have the right to clear the codes v a scan tool, eliminate the HVAC storage fuse or disconnect the battery.

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If any type of of the signals space missing, check the wiring in ~ the right and also left junction boxes at either finish of the dash. Look for signs of corrosion, basic looseness or fretting. Locations can vary from year come year and model come model. You re welcome consult a wiring diagram.