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Trying to find the purge valve and vent valve on my 2003 V6 4.3L Ext. Cab S10. Pulled a code p0446 and also think one or both valves may need clean out but am not certain of location. Only thing ns can uncover online is because that crew cab and 4x4 which have actually a different layout. Ns traced the end the lines leading from the evap canister and also it looks favor one might be above the gas tank. Any aid would it is in appreciated.

Go come google images. Form in "2003 s10 v6 purge solenoid" or "2003 s10 v6 vent solenoid" and look thru the results until you view your setup. I carry out this all the moment with great results for all sorts of things.

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The purge solenoid valve is on the left side of her engine, next to the distributor, by the coil. The vent valve is close to the differential, it"s a black box, not hard to find, connects through one hose and also one electrical connection.
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