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Hi all! I believed I"d write-up this video clip on how to replace a a 1997-2003 Chevy Malibu Serpentine Belt and Belt Tensioner. It was easy to do! It just took about 10-15 minute to replace the belt.
However, i noticed that after I changed the belt (tensioner was replaced 6 months ago), the belt to be hanging turn off the lower overview pulley (above the crankshaft pulley) by around 1/4". This sheave is smooth, no groves. I"m sure it shouldn"t be prefer that and also am afraid its going to slip off. Any suggestions? The belt is sit on every the various other pulleys correctly.

When my Malibu walk that, the harmonic balancer failure within around 2,000 miles.I suggest acquiring it looked in ~ - or replaced - soonest.RwP
335K mile on original motor and also tranny (only motor work-related 2 x LIM replacement), Monroe SensaTrac struts former and ago (new in ~ approx. 300K miles), and Alero discs in back. LS fogs included with tradition wiring. HID high beams, HIR low and halogen fogs. Raybestos pro Grade front rotors and also Bendix D747 ceramic pads on front.Addendum: rest in peace. Rise tank blew, engine overheated, ns think she"s lived a long and also useful life.
However, ns noticed the after I replaced the belt (tensioner was changed 6 months ago), the belt to be hanging off the lower overview pulley (above the crankshaft pulley) by about 1/4". This pulley-block is smooth, no groves. I"m sure it shouldn"t be prefer that and am fear its walk to slip off. Any kind of suggestions? The belt is sitting on all the various other pulleys correctly.

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If you"re absolutely sure the belt is on all pulleys correctly, try releasing stress and anxiety on the tensioner and also move the belt top top the flat pulley whereby it belongs and also let the tensioner go ago to it"s tensioned position. If the belt go again ~ you start the car, take it a an excellent look at that pulley, it might be cocked ever so slightly. Bearing may be failing, which in ~ that allude just put a pulley-block on it.

Well, the brand-new belt didn"t critical long. I made the to job-related and back to within a mile from the residence when the brand-new belt started shredding. I purchased a brand-new belt and before installing, examined all the pulleys. It appears that the crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer) has slipped far from the engine and sticks the end by about 1/8-1/4" from gift in line through the various other pulleys. I"m guessing the pulley has actually slipped indigenous the harmonic balancer (it"s all one piece). I"m guessing that"s why the belt is hanging off the lower overview pulley (above the crankshaft pulley) by around 1/4.Does anyone know a easy means to store the engine from turning so I have the right to remove the single harmonic balancer bolt? This Malibu has actually an automatically transmission. The Haynes manual says to remove the driveplate sheathe (what and where is this?) and position a large screwdriver in the ring equipment teeth to save the crankshaft from turning. What problem me is that also if I"m may be to eliminate the bolt without maintaining the crankshaft indigenous moving and also then the harmonic balancer off (with a puller), I"ll require the engine to not rotate when I"m trying to push on the new harmonic balancer (with installer tool). I"m walking to call some shops tomorrow to get an calculation for replacing the harmonic balancer. The cash ns don"t have but I need to obtain the vehicle running safely because that my daughter. Still, I figure I deserve to do it for a lot of less, even if I should buy devices to execute it. Many thanks all!