Volkswagen Passat B5 is a model of the 5th generation of dare of the Passat family. Developed in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and also 2005. After ~ the 2001 update, the world received the name Passat B5 + or Passat GP. In this short article we will current a designation of the fuses and also relays of the Volkswagen Passat B5, complete boxes diagrams with the objective of the elements and a picture of an instance of execution. Separately, us highlight the fuse because that the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

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The present designation that fuses and relays may differ native the one shown and depends top top the equipment and also year of to produce of the vehicle.


1 Passenger compartment

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

Located in ~ the end of the dashboard top top the driver’s next behind the safety cover.


On the back of the cover there should be an up-to-date fuse assignment diagram or a directory with a description.




15A boil washer nozzles
210A Direction indicators
35A p comfort system, cruise control, climate control, waiting conditioning, chair heating manage modules, job / night irradiate mirror, regulate module and multifunction steering wheel regulate unit
45A license plate lighting
510A tool panel, cook seats, automatic infection display, mirror switch, pump Airbag outside temperature gauge, navigation system, parking lights
65A central locking, reading lamps
710A ABS system or Reversing lights, Speedometer, car speed sensor
85A Phone
910A cook mirrors and also door locks
105A Headlight variety control, CD – changer
115A Cruise manage , tool cluster
1210A integrated diagnostics
1310A protect against lights
1410A inner lighting, reading lamps, anti-theft system, passenger visor mirror
1510A instrument panel, automatically transmission, wait conditioning, navigation system
165A ABS system
1710A heated door locks
1810A ideal high beam
1910A Left high beam
2015A ideal low beam, headlight corrector
2115A Left short beam, headlight corrector
225A ideal side lights
235A Left next lights
2425A Windshield wipers, washer pump. Wiper breaker relay
2530A Heater fan, wait conditioner
2630A Heated behind window, cook mirrors, air recirculation
2715A rear wiper
2815A Fuel pump
2915A Engine management
3020A electric sunroof
3120 / 15А Reversing lights, cruise control, automatic transmission, diagnostic socket
3220A Engine management
3315A tobacco lighter fuse
3415A Engine administration (ignition / injection)
3530A Trailer socket
3615A Fog lights
3715A Telephone, radio
3815A mediate of mirrors. Remote unlocking the the fuel filler flap. Window lifters. Main locking.
3915A Emergency lighting (emergency gang)
4025A Signal
4125A ABS device (hydro modulator / pump) or extr cigarette lighter
4240A assistant Air fan 25A Radio
435A S-pin 10A motor controls
4430 / 15A boil seats

Fuse number 33 at 15A is responsible because that the tobacco lighter. And for the gas pump – 28 to 15A. Recall that several more elements are additionally responsible because that the fuel supply.

Main relay box

It is situated under the dash ~ above the driver’s side, not much from the steering rack.




Decoding R

Starter lock relay

Additional relay box

Installed top top cars v an boosted level of electrical equipment and is dubbed eight – pin. Situated behind the key relay box.

Photo for example





Hydraulic pump fuse, 50A

Engine compartment

Located under the protective cover, alongside the control box.

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Photo because that example




Relay designation

Motronic Engine control Module power Relay (167), engine password BDPSecondary wait pump relay (AIR) (373), (100)Motronic Engine regulate Module strength Supply (429), (219) / assistant Coolant Pump Relay (EC) (53), (411)

Purpose of fuses

B10A Fuse because that injectors (S116)
B5A auxiliary engine coolant pump fuse
D50A secondary air pump fuse (S130)
E40A Fuse because that ignition coil terminal (S115)
F5A Fuse for engine manage module (ECM) (S102)
G10A Fuse for engine electronics (S282)

That’s all, us hope that this product was beneficial to you. And if you have any type of questions, create them in the comments.