How To remove Front Door dashboard 98-02 Honda Accord 4-door

Learn just how to remove or change the door dashboard on your 98-02 Honda Accord by watching this instructional video clip from 1A Auto.

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eliminate the pen on the inside edge of the door panel. Remove the Phillips screw in the pull cup and behind the door handle. Eliminate the triangle trim panel. Traction the switch panel up and also disconnect the harnesses. Pull your door manage forward and also out. Disconnect the door manage rod and also wire harness. Pull the clips out around the edge of the door panel. Disconnect the harness and twist the courtesy light from the door panel.
Reconnect the harness and twist the courtesy light earlier into place. Line up the door panel and push it in come place. Hit the clips in around the door panel. Reconnect the door manage rod and harness and push the handle into place. Reconnect the move panel and also push the down into place. Change the 2 Phillips screws. Change the triangular panel. Replace the pin.

Tools essential for replacement

Screwdrivers & related

Flat blade Screwdriver

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Brought to you through Your resource for top quality replacement parts and the best service ~ above the internet. Hi, I"m Mike Green. I"m among the owners of 1A Auto. I desire to aid you conserve time and money repairing or preserving your vehicle. I"m going to usage my 20 + years experience restoring and repairing cars and also trucks favor this to show you the correct way to install parts from The right parts mounted correctly. That"s walk to conserve you time and money. Say thanks to you and enjoy the video. In this video clip we are going to show you need to remove and reinstall the front door dashboard on this 2000 Honda Accord. It"s the same as any 98 come 02 4 door. The tools you will need are a small flat tongue screwdriver and also a Phillips screwdriver. We are going to start by removing this triangle panel by pulling the off. You are going to pull a tiny pin the end here and also then there"s two Phillips screws. One you have the right to see appropriate here. On your vehicle it may have actually a little trim door in prior of it. Climate the other one you have the right to see under in her arm rest or pull take care of here. Simply use the screwdriver to pry up and also you can see it right in there. You are going to use a small flat blade screwdriver and also pull the end this pin here. Phillips screwdriver here. Store track of it. Eliminate this Phillips screw. Currently this dashboard right below you can sort of seize this side and also pull. It has a couple of clips that go in there. Now you will desire to take her switch panel, pull up, back and out and then every the connections simply have tiny buttons on there. This blue one, the switch is best here. Press the button down prefer that. The brown switch is right here. Disconnect. The gray one, the button is ideal here. Disconnect. One point I"ve obtained in here, your door handle. Traction it forward and then out. See that there"s a tiny old clip appropriate here. Just take her thumb, traction the clip off and then the rod pops up and also out. Then another little connector here. After that simply take her hand behind and there room some clips. Traction the door dashboard up and also off. Currently in behind again. This is ours courtesy light. Just twist it respond to clockwise and also pull that out. There"s another connector here. Push the button and disconnect it and also now your door panel is off. Reinstallation is just the reverse. Attach your top door lock lead. Placed the courtesy light in and also twist clockwise. Currently make certain these harnesses are sent out up with there. Then right into your door lock harness. Life her panel up and push it right into the home window fitting. Make certain you obtain your door lock through. Just slide it under again checking for your harnesses come make sure they room up and also through. Everything looks favor it"s top top correctly. Press the pins back in. For the door take care of pull her rod out, push in the handle and put the clip around and connect it. Connect your leader to the door lock. Push the handle in and slide it back. Your switch dashboard here affix the blue one, the brown one and also the gray one. Put this under in and also slide it up in place and also push down. Placed the screw in under in that is place. Placed the door manage screw in. Then you might have a little door there that"s locked in place. Lock this one down. This goes in that small tab. Make certain that it"s behind the door panel. This presses on. Climate here"s your tiny pin here.We hope this help you out. Carried to friend by your resource for high quality replacement parts and the ideal service ~ above the internet. Please feel free to contact us toll complimentary at 888-844-3393. We room the agency that"s below for friend on the internet and also in person.

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