In this article, we take into consideration the eighth generation Cadillac DeVille, developed from 2000 come 2005. Here you will find fuse box diagrams the Cadillac DeVille 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, acquire information about the place of the fuse panels within the car, and also learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout) and relay.

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Fuse crate diagram


Assignment that the fuses and also relays in the engine compartment№Description
1Assembly heat Diagnostic Work
3Windshield Wipers
4Not Used
5Headlamp short Beam Left
6Headlamp short Beam Right
7Instrument Panel
8Powertrain control Module Battery
9Headlamp High Beam Right
10Headlamp High Beam Left
11Ignition 1
12Fog Lamps
14Cruise Control
15Coil Module
16Injector bank #2
17Not Used
18Not Used
19Powertrain manage Module Ignition
20Oxygen Sensor
21Injector bank #1
22Cigar Lighter #2
23Cigar Lighter #1
24Daytime running Lamps
26Air Conditioner Clutch
42Not Used
432000-2001: Anti-Lock Brake System2002-2005: no Used
442000-2001: waiting Pump B2002-2005: Anti-Lock Brake System
452000-2001: air Pump A2002-2005: wait Pump
46Cooling pan 1
47Cooling fan 2
48-52Spare fuses
53Fuse Puller
542005: heated Steering Wheel (Option)
27Headlamp High Beam
28Headlamp short Beam
29Fog Lamps
30Daytime running Lamps
32Air Conditioner Clutch
332000-2004: no Used2005: AIR manage Valve (Option)
342000-2004: Accessory2005: cook Steering Wheel (Option)
352000-2004: not Used2005: Accessory
36Starter 1
37Cooling fan 1
38Ignition 1
39Cooling pan Series/Parallel
40Cooling fan 2
Circuit Breakers

Passenger compartment fuse box
Fuse box Location

It is situated under the rear seatю



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Fuse box diagram


Assignment that the fuses and also relays in the behind Underseat fuse box№Description
1Fuel Pump
2Heater, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Battery
3Memory Seat, Tilt and Telescoping Steering
42000-2001: HVAC Blower2002-2005: RR Lumbar, Antenna
5Driver Door Module
6Heated seat Left Rear
7Power Tilt and Telescoping Steering
8Supplemental Inflation Restraint
92000-2001: not Used2002-2005: SDAR (XM™ Satellite Radio)
10Lamps Park Right
11Fuel Tank Ventilation Solenoid
12Ignition 1
13Interior desk lamp Dimmer Module
16Heated chair Left Front
17Interior Lamps
18Right behind Door Module
22Retained Accessory strength for Sunroof
23Lamps, Parking Left
24Night Vision
25Passenger Door Module
272000-2001: fiddle Lights2002-2005: violin Lights, power Locks
28Rear HVAC Blower
29Ignition Switch
302000-2004: peril Signal2005: rotate Signal, hazard Signal
31Reverse, Locks
32Continuous Variable roadway Sensing Suspension
33Heating, Ventilation, wait Conditioning
34Ignition 3 Rear
35Antilock Braking System
36Heated Seat, best Front
37Heated Seat, appropriate Rear
60Park Brake
61Rear Defog
622000-2001: ideal Rear Lumbar, Power2002-2005: HVAC Blower
63Audio Amplifier
64ELC Compressor/Exhaust
65Cigar Lighter
66Not Used
67Not Used
68Not Used
69Not Used
70-74Spare Fuses
75Fuse Puller
39Fuel Pump
40Parking Lamps
41Ignition 1
422000-2004: Park Brake A2005: no Used
432000-2004: Park Brake B2005: not Used
44Park change Interlock
45Reverse Lamps
46Retained Accessory power for Sunroof
47Reverse Lockout
48Suspension Dampers
49Ignition 3
50Fuel Tank Door Release
51Interior Lamps
52Trunk Release
53Not Used
54Lock, Cylinder
55Automatic Level control Compressor
582000-2004: Cigar Lighter2005: not Used
59Rear Defog
Circuit Breakers
56Power Seats
57Power Windows