I. Instead of the Thermostat

On rarely occasions, in high-mileage Camrys, the cooling system's thermostat may fail. A thermostat might lock increase in either the open up or close up door position causing overcooling or overheating.

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In one instance when a thermostat failed, the client complained the he was getting heat in the cabin. He stated the temperature gauge on the dashboard would increase to the common operating variety during warmup, climate rapidly relocate down come the cold range. I concluded this particular break down was due to a defective thermostat that would certainly stick in the fully open position after reaching normal operation temperatures (around 190 levels Fahrenheit). The only material cost of repairing this problem was $5 because that a brand-new thermostat and also $8 for a gallon of new pre-mixed coolant. The customer had actually previously been quoted a sizable fix estimate, involving flushing the cooling system and also installing a new heater main point with new hoses.

Thermostat instead of Procedure


Diagram: Camry thermostat, gasket, and housing

1. First, make sure the engine is cool.

Then relieve any type of residual push in the cooling mechanism by removing the radiator cap. Remove the reduced radiator water tap from the thermostat housing. This step might not be necessary if you feeling you can remove the thermostat real estate from the water pump through bending the hose.


2. Use penetrating oil top top the object of the thermostat housing.

3. Use a 10 mm socket attached to a expansion to eliminate the peak nut native the real estate stud.

Use no extension for the lower nut. A 10 mm crate wrench deserve to be used on the top nut, however there is very little twisting room for the lower nut uneven the oil filter is removed.

4. Remove the thermostat housing with a solid tugging or pulling motion.

Approximately 1/2 gallon the coolant will leak out once the housing is removed. The thermostat will certainly most likely be stuck inside the housing.

5. Remove the old thermostat with the enclosed rubber O-ring.

Transfer the O-ring to the brand-new thermostat or use a brand-new O-ring if girlfriend want.

6. Reverse the over steps for installation, refill the radiator with new fluid, begin engine till warmed up and recheck fluid levels after ~ cool down.

Allowing the engine to idle for 1/2 hour v the radiator cap off can assist remove wait pockets.

New Camry water temperature sensor

2. Instead of the Temperature Sensor

If the automobile continues come overheat even after installing a new thermostat, the problem can be resulted in by one of two people a defective temperature sensor or a defective pan motor. Instead of of the water temperature sensor might be in order. This sensor is located on the bottom the the radiator the contrary the coolant drain port. It functions in conjunction v your car's ECU (Electronic control Unit) to adjust the air/fuel mixture based on the coolant temperature. If the sensor is not sending the correct electrical signal, the ECU will certainly misinterpret the signal by making the air/fuel mixture as well rich or too lean. Most commonly, a breakdown of this sensor results in over-enriching the air/fuel mixture, leading to the engine come stall at website traffic stops. And also an engine will certainly run cooler through an enriched air/fuel mixture.

Temperature Sensor replacement Procedure

This sensor has actually an O-ring, so ask for the O-ring once you to buy a brand-new sensor.

The easiest an approach of acquiring to and replacing the temperature sensor is by removed the passenger-side fan shroud assembly.

1. Disconnect the pan motor electrical connector.

Detached fan motor socket

2. Remove the two 10 mm shroud bolts the secure the shroud come the radiator.

3. Lift the end the shroud from the lower radiator shroud sockets. The fan motor have the right to be tested by applying 12 volts to the engine connector leads.

4. The temperature sensor is currently exposed. Detach the electrical connector.

5. Usage an open-end or box wrench come spin off the sensor. Once the sensor is removed, coolant will start leaking out. To save all the coolant indigenous draining out, quickly screw in the new sensor through hand. Don't forget the O-ring attached come the sensor.

6. Turning back the over steps for re-assembly, and also replenish the leaked-out coolant. I recommend using just genuine Toyota coolant.

This short article is accurate and true come the finest of the author’s knowledge. Content is because that informational or entertainment purposes only and also does no substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technological matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: Is replacing a thermostat a huge job?

Answer: the is an extremely simple. There's just two 10 mm nuts that host the thermostat real estate (which has the thermostat). Those nuts are straightforward to eliminate if you eliminate the oil filter first.

Question: Is replacing the thermostat a huge job?

Answer: over there are just two 10 mm nuts that hold the thermostat real estate (which consists of the thermostat). Those nuts are easy to remove if you eliminate the oil filter first.

Question: If I eliminate the oil filter, doesn't the oil pour out?

Answer: typically yes unless you wait approximately a hour come let the oil in the filter drainpipe out into the oil pan.

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