Hi and thanks for making use of gimpppa.org.There are two for the coolant temperature sensor. I attached 2 pictures. First shows location, and the 2nd the connector. THis guide can aid find out why the inspect engine light is on.https://www.gimpppa.org/articles/checking-a-service-engine-soon-or-check-engine-light-on-or-flashingLet me recognize if this is what you required or if you have actually other questions. Examine out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize what you find. We are interested to see what the is.

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Hi, my car is a 2001 Ford Taurus 93000 miles. The trouble is that once the vehicle is at a low rpm favor at a prevent the car vibrates. The inspect engine irradiate is on and also I currently took the to get scanned. The code states that that is the egr insufficient flow (something choose that).I already adjusted the egr valve, yet vibration continues, and the inspect engine irradiate went ~ above again. Ns took that again to get scanned, again it said the egr valve. I was talk to a mechanic around it he said that it was probably one or numerous of the injectors. Ns already readjusted the plugs, wires, and also egr valve. Give thanks to you The code is P0401

Is it feasible that you can tell me the precise code? P****.There are numerous EGR codes the have different solutions.

I"ll try to get the precise code tomorrow since I take it my cars to AutoZone as soon as the examine engine light is on. I didn"t think to acquire it because they just told me the it was the EGR valve, and that was enough for me, but yea I"ll get it ASAP. Say thanks to You
inspect the egr vaccum heat for ideal vaccum first. Likewise check the mating surface of hte egr come the engine, is there a gasket there and was the old one cleaned off good an initial and is that bolted securly? additionally the pathway"s may be plugged.

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I have a 2001 Taurus with the 3.0 l duratec engine that has the examine engine light on many of the time. Once I begin the car it is off, after ~ a couple of seconds idling at a prevent light the light will begin to flash and the vehicle will run unstable for around 2 minutes. The dealership stated the fault reflects #6 spark plug together faulty. As soon as the irradiate flashes, the car will idle rough, and also I lose the air air conditioning - pan still blows, yet the waiting is no much longer cool. Once the idle smooths out, the auto seems well - the light remains on, but it operation smootly. They replaced the spark plug, but it did not resolve the issue. They confirm the plug wire, and also said it was fine. They examine the compression and also they get approximately 100 lbs. They are saying either a bad valve or negative ring. The unstable idle is not consistent so it does not seem reasonable to me it might be one of two people of those (rings or a valve). When I run down the highway I do not acquire the symptom described above - only in city driving. The dealership speak me it will be $1450 examine to acquire into the engine to discover out what is wrong. Any ideas? Many advanced thanks!