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The 2001-P American Buffalo silver Dollar is an ultra-rare invest Grade silver- coin produced by the U.S. Mint. It includes 0.734 ounces of 90% Silver and 10% Copperand has actually a very polished finish and deep satin luster. The coin is graded and also certified in perfect proof 70 condition.

The silver- American Buffalo proof coin was produced in 2001 only, at the Philadelphia Mint, and also bears the p mint mark on the reverse. It to be released to commemorate and raise funds because that the Smithsonian national Museum that the American Indian. The coin sold out in ~ the U.S. Mint in a short duration of time and also was never produced again. A Mint State version of the coin was produced the very same year, and can quickly be distinguished by that is matte finish and also D (Denver) mint mark.

Commemorative coins room authorized by congress to celebrate and also honor American people, places, events, and also institutions. Although these coins are legal tender, they are not produced for basic circulation.

The coin design is motivated by the original Buffalo Nickel, developed by James Earle Fraser. The front ("obverse") attributes the 1913 file of The three Chieftains, a portrait stated to be based upon three different Indian chiefs. The reverse features the traditional bison-on-mound design, thought to be based on a masculine buffalo the Fraser typically visited, named Black Diamond, that was housed in ~ the main Park Zoo in new York City, wherein he passed away in December 1915. The reverse likewise has the motto "In God we Trust," a more modern element that did not show up on the original coin.

This coin was offered by the U.S. Mint in 2001 for the pre-issue price of simply $33. There were 272,869 of castle minted yet only around 1,600 the the coins have been certified in perfect proof 70 problem by NGC. With all of these wonderful features and the rich background associated through it, the 2001 American Buffalo silver- Dollar proof coin has come to be a favourite for both investors and collectors. The proof 70 designation ensures the coin is among the ideal of the ideal ever to be minted.

Mintage Year:2001

Total Mintage:272,869Proof 70 Population:1,617Composition:90% Silver and 10% CopperPurity:0.9000Weight:26.7300gASW:0.7734 ozDiameter:38.1mm