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I not really recognize much about wheels/Tires, however would 20 customs rims work on a 98 camry? would certainly they fit an excellent or is that a poor idea?


too big dont execute it, normally i wouldnt also go because that 19"s top top a camry i would say 17/18 is a good choice
i am no a huge fan that the 20s top top a cam ive viewed it and it isnt great lookin at all. I have 18 and they right nice but i did shot out 19s in ~ one point from mine buddies max and also they to be too huge and rubbed

20"s fit v the best rim width and tire. 19s nicely and 18s perfectlyAll goes with taste and if you want to make any type of mods to do it fit, in other words rolling fenders
very negative idiea,i had 17inc and the automobile looked an excellent but felt prefer crap top top the road,low profile tires mean much less ruber in between mag and also road,the most i recomend is 16 inch through a 225 55 r16,new 08 camrys come v 17but that a totality differnet suspention,the 98 come 01 good cars however we need to addmite the suspention is no the greatest,
bad move also im shure friend noticed v 2 in the earlier the vehicle is low,plus the facility pipe is short you will be bottoming the end all over
yea i think Im simply gonna play it safe and get 18"s... 18"s fit great don"t they? no rubbing or anything?
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depends on broad of her rims and also your aspect ratio is going to be around 35-45.... So if you get a 18x7.0 rim, P245/35ZR18(I totally made that up... You might want to check with TireRack around specifics prefer that.)
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Lower the auto right as soon as you placed the brand-new wheels or instantly soon after due to the fact that the larger the pickled in salt you put on the more your vehicle looks prefer a 4X4. You view it around any kind of area nice clean cars through nice 17 or 18" wheels but on stock suspension and the end an outcome is a ugly 4X4 looking car.
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