Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment of fuses and relays Lincoln continent (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002).

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers safeguard your vehicle’s electrical system from overloading. If electrical materials in the automobile are no working, a fuse may have actually blown. Examine the ideal fuses prior to replacing any type of electrical components.

Look closely at the fuse – a broken wire within the fuse identify blown fuses. If you space not certain or if the is too dark to see, try replacing the doubt fuse with among the very same value the you understand is good.

In instance if you carry out not have actually a spare fuse, in an emergency you can pull the end fuses, which may be dispensable for typical driving (for example, audio system, cigarette lighter, OBD, seat heater, and also the like), and also use it if that amperage rating is the same.


Always switch turn off the ignition system and also the affected electrical circuit prior to replacing a fuse.Always disconnect the battery before servicing high current fuses.Never use a fuse of a higher amperage rating 보다 that indicated, or use any other object in ar of a fuse, also as a short-term fix. This can reason extensive damages or also fire.If the changed fuses blows again – call a qualified and also equipped company center.

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Passenger Compartment Fuse crate Diagram

The fuse panel is situated below and to the left that the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Eliminate the panel cover to access the fuses. To remove a fuse usage the fuse puller tool detailed on the fuse dashboard cover.



№AProtected components
151999-2002: Lighting control Module: Anti-Theft Indicator Lamp, PWM Dimming Output, Illumination Lamps for Microphone, RR and LR Door Ashtrays, Heated seat Switches, rear Defrost manage Switch, EATC regulate Panel, Message center Switches, Speed regulate Switches, Cigar Lighter, Console and Ashtray
101995-1998: Lighting manage Module: Anti-Theft Indicator Lamp, PWM Dimming Output, Illumination Lamps because that Microphone, RR and also LR Door Ashtrays, Heated chair Switches, rear Defrost manage Switch, EATC control Panel, Message facility Switches, Speed regulate Switches, Cigar Lighter, Console change Illumination, Navigation screen Module and also Navigation Switches
2101998-2002: Data link Connector (DLC), Powertrain control Module (PCM)
1995-1997: Luxury Radio, Clock (Non-Navigational), moving Phone
3151998-2002: Multi-Function Switch, Cornering Lamps, High Beam and also Turn Signal Input to LCM
101995-1997: Multi-Function Switch
410Power Door Locks and also Power home windows Switch Backlights, Radio, mobile Telephone Transceiver, Lighting manage Module, (RUN/ACC Sense), electronic Day/Night Mirror, RESCU (1998), Compass (1995-1997), E/C winter (1995-1997), stand Alone Clock (1995-1997)
510Virtual picture Instrument Cluster, Lighting manage Module (LCM RUN/START Sense), Autolamp irradiate Sensor, Traction aid OFF move (1995-1997), Airbag Diagnostic (1995-1997), luxury Radio FCU (1995-1997)
6101998-2002: Virtual picture Instrument Cluster, RF Park/Turn Lamp
51995-1997: SCP Network
7201998-2002: Power Point
151995-1997: Right Front turn Lamp, best Turn Indicator, hello Beam Switch, Right and also Left Front next Marker Lamps, Right and also Left prior Park Lamps, Right and also Left former Tail Lamps, ideal Rear Stop/Turn Lamps
8201998-2002: Fuel Filler Door release Switch, stems Lid Relay
301995-1997: Fuel Filler, tribe Solenoid, Navigation device Power
910Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor, EATC Module, Blower motor Relay
1030Windshield Wiper Motor, Windshield Wiper Module
1110Ignition Coils, Radio Interference Capacitor (1998-2002), PCM strength Relay, Passive Anti-Theft mechanism (PATS) Transceiver (1998-2002)
12101998-2002: Lighting control Module
51995-1997: SCP Network
13151998-2002: Lighting control Module (LCM): RF turn Lamp, appropriate Turn Indicator (VIC), RR next Marker Lamps, Tail Lamps, license Lamps, LR Stop/Turn Lamps, Clock Illumination
1995-1997: Stand Alone Clock Illumination, Right and also Left behind Side mite Lamps, patent Lamps, Right and Left Tail Lamps (on Decklid), Left rear Stop/Turn Lamps, Left revolve Indicator, Left Front revolve Lamp
14201998-2002: Cigar Lighter
151995-1997: Cigar Lighter
15101998-2002: ABS Evac and also Fill Connector
1995-1997: Navigation Display, navigating Module, boil Seat manage Switches
1630Moonroof Switch
18101998-2002: Lighting regulate Module
51995-1997: SCP Network
19101998-2002: Lighting control Module (LCM): Left Headlamp, DRL
101995-1997: LH short Beam
2015Multi-Function switch (Flash to Pass, and also Hazard Warning Input come LCM), LH & RH Cornering Lamps (1995-1997)
21101995-1997: ABS control Module
23101998-2002: Digital Transmission selection Sensor
24101998-2002: Virtual picture Cluster-LF revolve Indicator, LF revolve Signal
51995-1997: SCP Network
25101998-2002: Lighting regulate Module (LCM): ideal Headlamp
101995-1997: RH low Beam
2610Virtual photo Instrument Cluster, EATC Module
2810Shift Lock Actuator, car Dynamic Module, Virtual photo Instrument Cluster, Rear home window Defrost, boil Seat switch Assembly (1998-2002), short Tire push Module (1998-2002)
2910Radio (1998-2002), luxury RCU station Signal (1995-1997), navigating Module Signal (1995-1997)
3010Heated Mirrors
3115Lighting regulate Module (LCM): FCU, digital Day/Night mirror (1998-2002), RH and LH Courtesy Lamp, Door Courtesy Lamps, RH and LH Map Lamps, RR and also LR analysis Lamps, RH and also LH Visor Lamps, warehouse Bin Lamps, stems Lid Lamp, glove Box Lamp, irradiate Sensor Amplifier (1998-2002), Voltage Dimming because that FCU and also Stand Alone Clock (1995-1997)
3215Speed control DEAC. Switch, Brake On/Off (BOO) Switch
3415Console shift Illumination (1998-2002), A/C Clutch Cycling push Switch (1998-2002), A/C Clutch Relay (DTR) Sensor (1998-2002), intake Manifold runner Control, backup Lamps, DRL Module (Canada just (1995-1997)), EATC Clutch (1995-1997), Speed regulate Logic (1995-1997)
35201995-1997: L & R Heated seat Module Power
37301998-2002: Subwoofer Amplifier, Radio
38101998-2002: Analog Clock, CD Player, mobile Telephone Transceiver, RESCU
1995-1997: OBD 11 Scan tool Connection
39101998-2002: Power Door Locks, power Seats, strength Mirrors, Keyless Entry, LF chair Module, LF Door Module
1995-1997: DSM logic Power, DDM reasonable Power, Door Lock Switches, Keyless Keypad Switch, Memory collection Switch, Driver chair Switch, strength Mirror Switch
4010Cornering Lamps (1998-2002), mix Door Actuator (1995-1997), LTPS (1995-1997)
4120Door Locks