Recharging the AC system on her Honda Accord is a fairly easy process, that will only take a couple of minutes. The necessary things to store in psychic while charging the AC system, room the usage of security goggles, gloves, making use of the exactly refrigerant (R134A), and upon completion, confirming the correct press in the device line. Before starting, testimonial the owner"s hand-operated in order come verify the place of the AC system, and also to check the manufacturer"s specifications because that optimal press readings and refrigerant recommendations.

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Materials NeededSafety goggles and glovesR134a refrigerant through line sealant, hose and also pressure gauge attached.

Step 1 - evaluation the manufacturer"s specifications and operating manual

Review the manufacturer"s specifications and operating hand-operated for her Honda Accord. It will assist you situate the AC system under the hood, particularly the low pressure valve for the AC system, and to check the optimal AC device pressure recommended for her vehicle.

Figure 1. Review info on AC system in her Owner"s Manual.

Step 2 - open the hood

Locate the AC System and unscrew the low push plug. The owner"s hand-operated will direct you come the ar of the AC mechanism in your Honda Accord. The low push plug, will have actually the letter together embossed on it, remove that plug and collection aside because that reinsertion.

Figure 2. AC mechanism under your hood.

Step 3 - begin the car

Then collection the air conditioning to maximum power and also lowest temperature possible.

Figure 3. Turn your AC come maximum power and lowest temperature.

Step 4 - Insert the new refrigerant in to the low press valve

Depending on the brand of R134a that you purchased, friend may have to initially remove the safety seal indigenous the canister. Shake the have the right to well prior to inserting into the AC system. Additionally, part brands will have actually an exterior temperature gauge, so you deserve to balance the pressure appropriately before putting into the AC system.

Clamp the refrigerant canister water tap onto the low pressure intake in the AC system. If the clamp does not easily attach to the low-pressure intake, execute not force it, dual check that you have actually the OEM A/C system in her Honda Accord, and also that the clamp is not damaged.

After attaching, and also depending ~ above the brand the you purchased, start to turn the knob on your R134a canister, and also begin the procedure of recharging her AC. Rotate the canister upside down and also right next up while the refrigerant is going right into the system. You must feel the canister getting incredibly cold. Screen the press gauge on the canister as you are filling the system, and also when you acquire to the optimal psi, eliminate the hose, and check the vents within the car for ideal AC temperature.

Figure 3. R-134a refrigerant.

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Step 5 - Re-insert the low press stopper

Close the hood and you have to be good to go.