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i have a 01 ranger and all 4 of mine door latch cables on the behind doors are shot and need to replace, but my latches and also handles room good. Is over there a cheaper solve for this various other than replacing all of the latches. The cables are good its the grommet or catch that is rotten on the cable itself
I have an 03 in Guam through the very same problem. Must be the heat. I bought part two component epoxy and also am walk to try and adhesive the plug ends earlier in place. I will certainly let girlfriend know how it goes.
One the my behind doors will certainly not relax at the bottom as soon as I pull release handle. Peak works, just bottom will not release. 1999 action side. Am I knowledge that over there is a cable on the handle that releases top and also bottom?
Jeff,This looks favor the answer. Mine latches room no where close to this clean so part of the problem has to it is in there. Thanks for the video!
Are the ends poor or is the totality cable bad? If the ends are poor you have the right to order these.Ford Ranger Door Latch Lock Cable fix Kit 4 Ends amounts to 1 Kit 1997 come 2004 | eBayIf the cable it"s self is bad. Lock won"t work. However I do recognize next month cherryboy.t top top ebay is going to be offering cables. ThanksJeff
I have the same trouble with mine driver"s side behind door. Ns can obtain the top latch to open yet not the bottom. Make the efforts to figure out just how to obtain the door open up to result repairs. Any kind of Ideas?

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