Hi and thanks for making use of gimpppa.org. It is in the rear of the engine. Girlfriend will must remove a cover because that access. I attached a snapshot of locations. It's no a traditional design. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us understand if you need anything rather to obtain the problem fixed.


correct it helps. I watch 17, 18 and also 19 the look prefer the gasket for the EGR valve, is it situated under the manifold on the side?

I likewise have 2000 2.2. Idles stormy with brand-new plugs plug wires fuel filter. Scanner mirrors this- Oxygen Sensor monitor Oxygen sensor Heater monitor Catalyst monitor Evap device monitor second air mechanism monitor

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I just pulled the password on my 2000 s-10 and came up v a p0404, EGR circuit range/performance, and also a P1404 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Pintel grounding Open.I gotten rid of the EGR valve to watch if it was stuck open and it is no it can be relocated easily. Is over there any means to test the electrical component of the EGR valve?
The pintle in the middle of egr valve should move reasonably easily. Most common reason of your worry is carbon grounding in valve. Try cleaning the out through carb cleaner and also compressed air.
The valve does move easily and there is very tiny carbon in the passages.I just want to check out if over there is any other means to test the valve prior to I buy another one in ~ $220
Just twin check the connector at the valve. Easy pull each cable to make sure there isnt a damaged wire inside the insulation. Otherwise unless you have actually a cable chafed what which is unlikely. Friend will most likely need a new valve.
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