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2007 CAMRHEE Hybrid - SOLD! Nov 2008Completed Mods: RK sport body kit, 18" LexusGS430 wheels, TRD/SE springs, behind Lip Spoiler, slide Armrest, exhilaration Tails, Terk XM-Direct, behind Bumper Applique, Front license Bracket, K&N, reduced Grill Chrome Accents
20 x 8.5 here, Havent had any big issues come cry around yet , its been about 2 mos. Currently my preeminence is no large people in the back Max 3 heads
20 x 8.5 here, Havent had any huge issues to cry about yet , its been around 2 mos. Now my rule is no big people in the ago Max 3 heads
i have actually 20"s and also dropped and also doesnt rub at all and their 8.5"s the tires room 30 collection though so perhaps thats why
camry 3.5 k & n intake, eibach springs, 20"s, hid kit, fog lights, led"s, strut bar, chrome stems piece, centric rotors drilled and also slotted, trd brake pads.
20 x 8.5 here, Havent had actually any large issues come cry about yet , its been about 2 mos. Currently my preeminence is no large people in the back Max 3 heads
07 Camry LE WRX sport Wagon Premium Edition
I wasnt thinking about lowering it, yet ill see. I simply want to understand if my share suspension, exactly how it is currently will cause any problems if ns throw 20x8.5 through a 40 offset.
Okay so i learned the "Moky" has 19x8.5 and also 19x9.0 v an counter of 35mm. He appears to it is in doing just fine. For this reason I number if I perform 20x9.0 every the means around through a 40mm balance out I should be great right? reason even suggested it for our GEN 6 as soon as I put the vehicle information down, or atleast axis penta"s were suggested at that size (20x9.0) with a 40mm offset. Together of appropriate now, I have actually no intention of dropping mine car, and also if i do, climate maybe simply an inch. For this reason what perform you men think? let me know. If ns can obtain someone with an initial hand expierience it would be great.

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20 x 8.5 here, Havent had any large issues come cry about yet , the been about 2 mos. Now my ascendancy is no huge people in the earlier Max 3 heads
:lol: LOL!!!! Expletive dude that simply made mine night lol!!!! the 4door idea vanished when the 20"s come in , doesnt issue i just love the stretched SE the cool as lengthy as they"re no hefers im OK. However unitl i reduced it v a TEIN Kit i will readjust my ways with these females.:boink:
GENSIXER your vehicle is clean though. Matterfact it looks indigenous the pics ive watched so far, the you dont even need a drop. Or if you execute drop it, maybe just an customs man. Your car gives me hope because that my 20"s im planning to buy. Forum is a community dedicated to all Toyota models. Come talk about the Camry, Tacoma, Highlander, 4Runner, Rav4 and also more!
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