I must remove and also replace the radiator, and cannot seem come find any kind of online assistance. Have the right to anyone help with this process. Thanks


I had to change mine however quickly saw that I remained in over my head. I just finished up purchase the replacement and also having a mechanic execute it. They appeared pretty ticked off about how tough it was. Saying that they had to remove several extra parts to get to the radiator.

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That being said discovered this:


NOTE: action numbers below refer come numbers used in the illustrations.


Remove the fee air cooler.

Remove the grille.

Release the engine oil cooler (as equipped) and hang it increase in together a means that the hoses space not damaged.

Remove the condenser indigenous the radiator.

Disconnect and remove the battery.

Remove the battery shelf.

Open the drain plug and drain the coolant.

Remove the lid top top the growth tank to speed up the draining.

Remove the bypass hose together with the input hose.

Undo the top radiator hoses from the radiator.

Separate the radiator fan's electrical connections.

Release the servo pump's oil pipe and the clips because that the radiator's breather hose from the radiator crossmember and also turn the oil pipeline to one side.

Remove the 2 screws securing the radiator fan cover and lift that in.

On models with automatic transmission, remove the gearbox's oil pipe by the oil cooler, remove the screw i m sorry holds the pipes to the radiator and also plug the connections.

On all models, remove the reduced radiator water tap from the radiator, remove the clamps which host the radiator come the radiator crossmember and also pull up the radiator native the rubber securing points so the the clips for the cable deserve to be undone.

Lift out the radiator.

Another dude responded with this:

IMO, radiator replacement for many cars is a boring, ho-hum job - its that easy....or it used to be before intercoolers and condensers,and compactness... All of the former lights need to be removed prior to accessing the intercooler.. The directionals have to be loosened first to acquire to the headlights - very easy,IMO..

The "hard" part is disconnecting the reduced hose and draining the unit- this have the right to be confusing ... This entire procedure should take it a pro less than , IMO, 75 minutes, from open to closeup of the door ....Give me about 3 hrs - for the very first time...I have yet to lose a Saab radiator...

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Probably way to change the upper and also lower hoses.., even the t-stat in ~ the same time....