To reset the anti-theft top top the vehicle You will require to very first get into the vehicle and also shut the doors. Through the doors close up door You desire to put the an essential into the ignition slot and also turn it on. When You have turned it on You will certainly then desire to revolve it ago to the turn off position. Currently repeat this procesS8 an ext times, and make certain You execute it in under 12 seconds. On the last one, friend will desire to leaving the crucial in the on position. Wait for about 5 minutes and You will check out the anti-theft irradiate blink. Once it blinks begin the engine and also the auto will now be reset. If the engine walk not begin then friend did not revolve the vital on and also off quickly enough.

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My 2002 Ford Ranger operation fine and also there is naught wrong yet there is a flashing theft irradiate on my dashboard gauge cluster alongside the shifter and also below the spedometer. How do ns disable it
Ii am working on a ford ranger w000 I change d"s an essential ignition on that n d"s theft irradiate come top top n i won"t start
I have a 2006 4x4ford ranger colt ,the anti theft irradiate keeps blinking after ~ the truck is shut turn off , i did the an essential thing eight times and the doors locks did their thing but when i take the crucial out and shut the door it proceeds to blink , is this regular or can I closeup of the door it turn off completely
My2002 ford ranger where the key gos has been drill out to far now can"t obtain new an essential slve to work what i perform to crank it has attithef on it
I remove the fuses ~ above the left next of the dash and now the van won"t begin the radio will certainly not come on the anti-theft flashes
I have a 2002 Ford ranger ns pulled the fuse out of the left side of the dash and also now the van won"t start

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THIS IS WHAT operated FOR ME: I have actually a ’99 Ford Ranger with hands-on windows and locks. Ns don’t have actually a FOB. I lost my only key. I had a locksmith cone and cut a new crucial and regime it. It took him 2-3 hrs to perform that, then he invested 2-3 hours more trying to figure out why the an essential wouldn’t work prior to giving up, thinking there must be miscellaneous wrong through my truck. Btw, the theft irradiate is claimed to blink every 2 secs when key is the end (as deterrent come thieves) , and also should go the end after the starts or in the begin position much longer than 2 seconds. My light would certainly blink through the an essential out, however when I remained in the start position it would continue to be on solid. I could crank my engine (ree-ree-ree-ree) but it would certainly not start. This is what ns did: Disconnect the battery - placed the an essential in the ignition in the “start” position - Reconnect the battery - - revolve the vital to the off place - begin the automobile normally. That’s it! Note: after disconnecting the battery, a girlfriend dropped by so my battery to be disconnected for about an hour before I placed the an essential in and reconnected it. Ns don’t think the matters, but if it doesn’t work, maybe try with the battery disconnected longer.