If her 4.6L Ford automobile (or choose up or SUV) equipped through the 2 coil load Ignition system is misfiring (P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306, P0307, P0308), this is the short article that will help you come troubleshoot those misfire codes.

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The two most usual problems, with this type of ignition device is either a negative ignition coil or poor spark plug wires, and also this write-up will help you to troubleshoot both.

CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: The adhering to circuit diagram may be the help: Ignition mechanism Wiring diagram (1997-1999 4.6L Ford F150, F250).

girlfriend can uncover this tutorial in Spanish here: Cómo Probar ras Bobinas De Encendido DIS (4.6L Ford V8) (at: autotecnico-online.com).

Important Tips and also Suggestions

IMPORTANT: before you jump into the tests, please review the adhering to tips and suggestions:

TIP 1: I"ll usage the phrase ‘Paired Cylinders’ fairly a bit. To effectively diagnose the misfire or ignition device on your 4.6L Ford vehicle, it"s necessary that you recognize what this means, so it is in sure and also read the ar ‘Coil fill Basics’ prior to you begin testing.

TIP 2: Think and breathe safety the entirety time you"re physical doing these tests, since some of this tests call for that girlfriend crank the engine.

If a helper is gonna" help you, have him or her wait exterior the vehicle till you"re ready to have him or her crank the engine (as you"re setup up the test).

TIP 3: You"ll notice that the photos and the trial and error instructions speak to for one HEI spark tester. If friend don"t have actually one, don"t panic, you deserve to use any type of other type of spark tester (although the results might not be together accurate). If you want to recognize the factor for the continuous on the HEI spark tester, walk to: The HEI Spark Tester (The ideal Spark Tester ~ above The Market) (at: easyautodiagnostics.com).

Coil pack Basics

What"s gonna aid you come easily discover the bad coil pack or the root cause of the misfire on your 4.6L Ford auto or pick up (or SUV), is to understand that each coil load is made up of 2 separation, personal, instance ignition coils.

Here are some an ext specific details:

Each separation, personal, instance ignition coil (within the pack) has two towers.This is the reason why each coil pack has a total of 4 towers.Two towers fire spark to 2 various cylinders in ~ the exact same time.The cylinders that get spark at the exact same time are known as ‘Paired Cylinders’.Each coil pack has actually three wires coming the end of its electric connector.One cable is the power source (12 Volts).The other 2 wires administer the convert signal because that each ignition coil.The switching signal is what activates the individual ignition coil (within the pack) to fire off spark.The coil pack on the passenger side of the engine feeds spark to:Cylinders 1 and 6.Cylinders 3 and 5.The coil pack on the driver side of the engine feeds spark to:Cylinders 4 and 7.Cylinders 2 and 8.The most important thing come remember is the the two cylinders that get spark at the exact same time are described as ‘Paired Cylinders’ transparent the article.

Keeping the above info in mind, as you check the ignition system, will assist you to quickly diagnose the root reason of the misfire. Now, don"t let every one of this details intimidate you, the write-up should walk girlfriend thru" the whole testing process without too lot difficulty.

Where to Buy The Ignition Coil Pack and also Save

The adhering to links will assist you compare shop for the original Motorcraft and aftermarket ignition coil packs:

Not certain if the over ignition coil packs fit your specific Ford? Don"t worry, as soon as you acquire to the site, they"ll make certain it fits. If it doesn"t, they"ll discover you the appropriate one.

Circuit explanation Of The Coil Packs

Each coil pack"s electric connector has actually three wires coming out it. In the illustration over you"ll notification that the coil packs connector has actually 3 male spade terminals. Every terminal is labeled v a number (1, 2, or 3).

Here space the task descriptions the the wires that connect to this coil load male spade terminals:

Passenger next Coil Pack:

Wire labeled through the number 1 feeds the convert signal for cylinders 1 and 6.Wire labeled with the number 2 feeds 12 Volts to the coil pack.Wire labeled v the number 3 feeds the convert signal for cylinders 3 and 5.

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Driver side Coil Pack:

Wire labeled with the number 1 feeds the convert signal because that cylinders 4 and 7.Wire labeled v the number 2 feeds 12 Volts to the coil pack.Wire labeled v the number 3 feeds the switching signal because that cylinders 2 and 8.