Ive been analysis all different mileages for when to change a time belt on a 99 escort se through a sohc 2000 what is the exactly mileage ive read 60,000, 70,000 and 120,000. I newly purcahased the automobile with 92,000 miles and the owners bought it from someone else and also doesnt recognize if belt was ever before changed. Any assist would it is in appreciated. Thanks dave

Sounds favor a bunch of guesses to me..Ford does not actually list a stated mileage interval because that replacing the timing belt. Ford does, however, insist having actually it inspected every 120,000 miles. Open minded though, i would change it every 100,000 miles to it is in on the for sure side. Here is a guide to assist you change out the time belthttps://www.gimpppa.org/diagrams/ford/escort/1999Please let us know if you require anything else to gain the problem fixed.

examine out the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand if you require anything else to gain the trouble fixed.

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The vehicle recently ran turbulent the last few hundred yards native home. The following day we could not begin the automobile at all, the would simply crank and also crank and crank. Ns pulled a plug wire and checked for spark; there was plenty of spark. Ours mechanic claims it sounds prefer the timing belt is broken, mine question: can this auto produce spark through a broken timing belt?

Hey wr, Very possible as the crank sensor sends out the signal to the pcm for engine revolutions and timing. For this reason yes. A simple check on the motor is to remove the upper timing belt cover, have someone crank end the engine and watch the video camer sprocket if that spins. You recognize the rest! Let us know!Chris
You deserve to actually watch the leaf of the belt ~ above the camer pulley there is no removing the cover(which is actually a major operation.) I had one belt that was totally broken -- easy to see, and also one that had the teeth stripped off behind the sheathe -- harder to see, but the electronic came pulley wasn"t turning.
I have actually a 99 ford escort and it was to run fine the other day and now its difficult to start.I eliminated the time cover due to the fact that the car is spinning frelly and that happeneds when the time belt is loose r etc. And also the belt to be a little loosened I tighting that up and I had a mobile mechanic come out and also look at it and also he said the timing had jumped. And also I wanna no what u think and also how execute u collection it and also its make a knocking noise he stated its since of the time is turn off
If you look in ~ the sprockets that your belt rides ~ above you"ll watch a notch or mark on the next edge. These should line up. That"s just how you gain them in the best position as soon as replacing the belt.But. They might not line up with every turn, since of the place of the crankshaft and or the camshaft.Hope that helps!
If the timing belt breaks, and you spin the engine after the repeatedly, will certainly it hurt the valves and head gaskets? carry out they need to be replaced? Or deserve to you just replace the timing belt?
Yes, girlfriend may have bent part valves, however it has nothing to do with the head gasket. Though, you might want to think about replacing the head gasket while instead of the valves.
Hello,It will count on whether it is a SOHC or DOHC. Yet check the end the link below it offers both.https://www.gimpppa.org/diagrams/ford/escort/1999
i cannot rotate my engine 360 . Through the plugs the end to set the time marks that is hitting other right before top dead center. If you revolve counter-clockwise ever before go back all the method except because that the same spot it hit something. I execute not know what it is
it is more than likely the piston hitting the valves so carry out not pressure it or girlfriend will do a many damage. Shot moving the camshafts first.
I have actually tried rotating the camshaft 1/4 rotate for at least two changes of the camshaft v the crankshaft constantly hitting ~ above both sides before the time mark.
climate you likely already have valve damage. If you take the valve cover turn off you may be able to see which valve is continuing to be open due to being bent.
98 ford escort zx2 120,000 mile on it with a 2.0 dohc ztec ns was driving house last night going around 50-55 miles an hour and also I placed my auto in nuetral and also my auto stalled and I pulled end to the side of the road and also the automobile wouldnt fire up. That cranked but it wouldnt in reality fire itself up. Some civilization told me it could be a timing belt or a flywheel. Or it can even it is in my alarm or my computer failing due to the fact that I jumped a vehicle a week befor this? What girlfriend think it would be? i made a donation on this concern once currently and nothing acquired answered so hopefully it will this time?
I"m kinda new here together an internetmechanic. Ns need more info to diagnose.1.) completely charged and test battery?2.) did chk engine lite came on because that a couple of times b4 vehicle stall? ns need much more info. Yet lets perform this.I gotta go appropriate now. In situation I forgot u. Send me email or call meKinreliable auto281 373 1774
The battery is not dead becuase it doesnt have actually a difficulty cranking. None of the lights room dim. Ns gave around all the information there is to know I average I was simply driving along around 50-55 and also the auto died for no apperent reason. Other than I didnt push the clutch in as soon as I put it in nuetral however that wont make the auto stall ns dont think. Once I rotate the crucial its cranks favor it wants to start however it not fire up. I"m hope its simply a timeing belt?
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