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Among modern crossovers, the Jeep Cherokee is among the most capable. V him, and on the asphalt the is good, and off-road is not boring. Only the architecture in the existing generation has disappointed. Let’s confront it, the Cherokee was scary. Fortunately, the restyling changed everything – because that the better.

The facelifted Jeep Cherokee debuted at the Detroit global Winter Auto display in January 2018. In fact, the version is the very first planned restyling that the 5th generation, bearing the in-plant KL index. The manufacturer has actually finalized the technological stuffing, increased the perform of alternatives and significantly changed the design. The updated model received a more quiet and much more familiar layout that headlights. They room presented in the type of two narrow elongated blocks with lenticular optics and also elegant eyelashes that LED daytime running lights.

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The radiator grille continues to it is in branded v a multitude the vertical rectangular cutouts through elegant chrome surround. The prior bumper has a fairly simple shape. In its reduced part, you have the right to see a trapezoidal air intake extended with a plastic grille, and also on the sides of it, in distinct recesses, there are round block of fog lights. That is also worth noting the the black plastic body kit ~ above the sills of the bumpers and also arches has substantially increased in size. All in all, the model has actually received a number of excellent alters that gotten rid of some the the shortcomings and emphasized the toughness of an already stylish car.


2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Jeep Cherokee Transmission fluid Capacity

TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
9 speed 948TE automatically transmissionTotal to fill 6 litres (6.3 quarts)SL076


TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
4 rate 42RLE automatically transmissionTotal to fill 8.3 litres (8.8 quarts)Initial to fill 3.8 litres (4 quarts)AP4 Mopar ATF+4 P/N 05013457AA


TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
NSG370 6-speed hands-on transmission1.5 liters (1.6 quarts) 3.2 pintsGLS53
NV3550 5-speed manual transmission2.3 litres (2.5 quarts)GLS53
4 rate 42RLE automatically transmissionTotal to fill 8.3 liters (8.8 quarts)Initial to fill 3.8 liters (4 quarts)AP4 Mopar ATF+4 P/N 05013457AA
5 rate 545RFE automatic transmissionTotal fill 13.3 liters (14.1 quarts)Initial fill 4.7 liters (5 quarts)Mopar ATF+4 P/N 05013457AA


TransmissionFluid capacityFluid type
AX5 (4WD) manual transmission3.3 liters (3.5 quarts) 7 pints75W-90
AX5 (RWD) manual transmission3.5 liters (3.7 quarts) 7.4 pints75W-90
T5 5-speed hands-on transmission2.1 liters (2.3 quarts)GLS53
NV3550 5-speed manual transmission3.1 liters (3.3 quarts)GLS53
4 speed AW4 automatic transmissionTotal fill 7.8 liters (8.2 quarts)Initial to fill 1.9 litres (2 quarts)MA
3 speed 30RH automatically transmissionTotal to fill 4.7 litres (5 quarts)Initial fill 3.8 litres (4 quarts)Mopar ATF+4 P/N 05013457AA