In this article, we think about the second-generation Chevrolet Astro, created from 1995 come 2005. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Chevrolet Astro 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, acquire information around the location of the fuse panels within the car, and also learn about the assignment of every fuse (fuse layout) and also relay.

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Fuse box diagram (1996-1998)

Fuse crate diagram (1999-2005)

Assignment that the fuses in the instrument panel (1999-2005)№Usage
1Stop/Turn/Hazard Lamps, Center High-Mounted stop Lamp, Anti-Lock Brakes
21999: Heated winter (Not Used)2000-2005: Radio Accessory, rear Seat Audio Controls
3Courtesy Lamps, gloves Box Lamp, Dome reading Lamps, Vanity Mirror Lamps, Courtesy Lamps
41999: DRL Relay, DRL Module, Chime Headlamp Switch, Keyless Entry, Cluster, Overhead Console, interior Lamps Module2000-2005: DRL Relay, Instrument Panel Cluster
5Rear Defogger
6Cruise Module, Truck body Control Module, Instrument panel Cluster, Cruise control Switch, Electrochromic Mirror
7Power Outlets, DLC, Subwoofer Amplifier
8Crank Circuit Fuse, Park/Neutral Switch, Starter Enabler Relay
9License bowl Lamp, Tailamps, Parking Lamps, Ashtray Lamp, panel Lights, Trailer Taillamps, Front and Rear Sidemarker Lamps, Door switch Illumination, Headlamp switch Illumination, rear Seat Audio Illumination, truck Body Control Module
10Air Bag System
111999: Wiper Motor, Washer Pump, Upfitter Relay Coil2000-2005: no used
12Blower Motor, behind Air Conditioning Relay Coil, former Cont. Temp. Door Motor, hello Blower Relay, Defogger Timer Coil
13Cigarette Lighter, Door Lock Switches, dutch Door Release Module
14Cluster Illumination, Climate Controls, Chime Module, Radio Illumination, Rear heat Switch Illumination, rear Wiper/Washer move Illumination, behind Liftgate Switch Illumination, Remote Cassette Illumination, Overhead Console, Truck human body Control Illumination
151999: DRL Lamps2000-2005: TBC Module, Headlamp Relay
16Front revolve Signals, rear Turn Signals, Trailer rotate Signals, Back-Up Lamps, Brake Transmission transition Interlock Solenoid
171999: 2000 collection (Main Feed), rear Seat Audio Controls2000-2005: prior Wipers, former Washer Pump
18VCM-Ign 3, VCM-Brake, Cruise Stepper motor Signal, ATC Module
191999: Radio: ATC (Main Feed), 2000 collection (Standby)2000-2005: Instrument panel Radio: ATC (Main Feed), 2000 series (Standby)
201999: PRNDL/ Odometer, TCC permit and PWM Solenoid, shift Aand shift B Solenoids, 3-2 Downshift Solenoid2000-2003: PRNDL/ Odometer, TCC permit and PWM Solenoid, change A and shift B Solenoids, 3-2 Downshift Solenoid, Instrument panel Cluster, VCM Module2004-2005: PRNDL/Odometer, shift A and shift B Solenoids, 3–2 Downshift Solenoid, Instrument dashboard Cluster, VCM Module
211999: Security2000-2005: Power adjust Mirrors
23Rear Wiper, behind Washer Pump
A1999: (Circuit Breaker) power Door Lock Relay, 6-way strength Seat, Remote manage Door Lock Receiver, dutch Door Module, dutch Door Release2000-2005: (Circuit Breaker) strength Door Lock Relay, 6-Way power Seats
B(Circuit Breaker) strength Windows

Fuse box Location

It is situated in the engine compartment.


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Fuse crate diagram


Assignment that the fuses and relay in the engine compartmentNameUsage
UPFITTER-BATTUpfitter Battery power Stud. Trailer Wiring Harness
UPFITTER-ACCYUpfitter Accessory Relay
ECM-1BFuel Pump Relay and also Motor, VCM, Oil push Switch/Sender
HORNHorn Relay and Horn
A/C COMPAir Conditioning enable Relay and Compressor
RR HTR/AC1996-1999: assistant Heater, A/C Relay2000-2005: rear Heater and also Air Conditioning
ATCActive transfer Case-L Van
FRT HVACFront Heater and also Air Conditioning
ENG-I1996-1999: Oxygen Sensors, Camshaft place Sensor, mass Air flow Sensor, Evaporative emission Canister Purge Solenoid, straight EGR Valve Solenoid, VCM EGR HI2000-2005: Oxygen Sensors, Camshaft Position Sensor, mass Air circulation Sensor, Evaporative emission Canister Vent Solenoid
IGN-EAir Conditioning permit Relay Coil
ECM-IFuel Injectors 1–6, Crankshaft Position Sensot, VCM, Coil Driver Module (EST), Ignition Coil
RH HDLMPRight Headlamp
LH HEADLAMPLeft Headlamp
DIODE-1Air Conditioning
LIGHTING1996-1999: Park Lamps Fuse, DRL Fuse, Headlamp and Panel Dimmer Switch2000-2005: Courtesy Fuse, strength Adjust Mirrors Fuse, Truck human body Control Battery Fuse
BATTPower Accessory Circuit Breaker, Stop/Hazard Fuse, auxiliary Power Fuse, tobacco Lighter Fuse, Radio Battery Fuse
IGN AStarter Relay, Ignition Switch
IGN BIgnition Switch
ABSElectronic Brake control Module
A/CBlower engine Resistor, Blower Relay
RAPRadio Accessory, strength Windows
HTD MIR/RR DEFOGRear window Defogger, Climate regulate Head
A/C Relay (Rear Heat and A/C)Rear Heat and also Air Conditioning
Upfitter ACCY RelayUpfitter Accessory
Starter permit RelayStarter
A/C permit RelayAir Conditioning
Headlamps RelayHeadlamps (2000-2005)
Fuel Pump RelayFuel Pump
AUX BUpfitter Battery Feed
AUX AUpfitter Accessory Feed