If your car"s engine is turning over but won"t seem to fire up, it might just it is in the fuel pump. Here"s just how to change yours for this reason you deserve to make fire again.

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This article uses to the Toyota Camry (1997-2001).

There can come a time as soon as you go to get in your automobile to journey away, you put the key in the ignition, rotate it, and also the starter is cranking away however the engine just won"t fire up. The many frustrating point is that there were probably signs that you might have noticed, reflecting you that your fuel pump was around to go out. If you noticed them, then you might have most likely taken treatment of that immediately and avoided sit in your car trying to start your vehicle with naught happening. This short article is right here to break with your frustration, grab some tools and also replace that fuel pump.

Some the these indicators are:

Engine idles erratically.Engine surges while holding accelerator steady.

If you notification your automobile is doing any type of of these things, it"s very likely it can be the fuel pump or another related part. If you space looking come troubleshoot the problem, always start with the easiest, cheapest thing and don"t simply throw parts at it. Over there are countless tests that can be performed to pinpoint the failing component and also keep you from spending lots of money and time make the efforts to solve an issue.


Materials NeededMillimeter sockets, size 8mm-17mmRatchetMillimeter wrenches, sizes 8mm-15mmNeedle nose pliersFlat head screwdriverSmall Phillips head screwdriver

There room two different species of fuel pumps on the Toyota Camry. Form A offers a clip to mount the fuel pump top top the pump assembly, and form B uses a housing to save the fuel pump. Below are the exploded see of both types. Make sure to recognize the one you have and follow the instructions accordingly.

Figure 1. Form A fuel pump.
Figure 2. Form B fuel pump.

Step 1 – relax fuel device pressure

The fuel device in this cars is under continuous pressure. Before working ~ above the fuel system, you need to relieve this pressure.

Relieve the fuel mechanism pressure together follows:

Remove fuel tank cap.Remove the rear seat and also liner. This will allow you to accessibility the fuel pump/sending unit accessibility cover. You have to do this anyway to access the fuel pump.Disconnect the exploit connector.Start the engine and enable it come run until it stops.Disconnect the an unfavorable battery terminal. (If your vehicle stereo is equipped v an anti-theft system, make certain you have actually the correct activation code before disconnecting the battery.)Loosen the fuel heat fitting in ~ the bottom the the fuel filter. Fuel will leak out when you perform this, for this reason be prepared with rags and/or a container to capture it.
Figure 3. Place of fuel heat fitting ~ above bottom the fuel filter.

Step 2 – Disconnect the fuel heat from the fuel pump

In relieving the fuel system pressure, you have to have already disconnected the battery, removed the behind seat, eliminated the fuel pump/sending unit floor organization hole cover, and disconnected the electrical connector. If you have actually done all that, climate the following thing girlfriend will desire to do is disconnect the fuel line to the pump. If that is a flared fitting, girlfriend will use a wrench and also a backing wrench. If it is a fast disconnect fitting, you will pinch the tabs, push and also then pull the fitting turn off of the fuel line. Make certain to change the retainer ~ above the fuel line as soon as it has been disconnected. To gain accessibility to the rapid disconnect line it will be crucial to remove the fuel tank fitting protector mounting screws to gain access.

Figure 4. Fuel pump flare fitting.
Figure 5. Fuel tank protector mounting screws.

Step 3 – eliminate the fuel pump retaining bolts

The last point holding the fuel pump and sending unit in place are the retaining bolts. Remove these bolts; the will enable you to eliminate the assembly.

Step 4 – remove the fuel pump native the assembly

Now the you have actually the assembly gotten rid of from the fuel tank, you deserve to remove the fuel pump from the assembly. This is whereby it will differ relying on whether you have a form A or kind B.

Type ADisconnect the fuel pump connector at the pump. Slide the hose clamp up the hose, traction the lower finish of the fuel pump loosened from the bracket, and also withdraw the pump from the hose.
Figure 6. Disconnect electrical connector.
Figure 7. Slide hose up.
Figure 8. Detach pump from bracket.Type BRemove the fuel sending unit. Eliminate the fuel filter by remove the mounting screw. Eliminate the pump flange by prying increase on the housing snap-retainers in the sequence shown. Disconnect the fuel pump electrical connector. Eliminate the upper bracket by prying top top the snap-retainers in the succession shown and separating the fuel pump from the housing.
Figure 9. Remove fuel filter mounting screw.
Figure 10. Sequence for snap retainers ~ above fuel pump flange.
Figure 11. Sequence for snap retainers for bracket top top upper ar of fuel pump assembly.

Step 5 – Reassemble fuel pump/sending unit assembly

At this point, the assembly need to be fully disassembled and ready because that you to install the brand-new fuel pump ~ above the assembly and also get it prepared for installation. Assembling the fuel pump assembly will be the reverse of removal and will depend on which kind you have. You will also need to swap over the strainer from the old pump. If the strainer looks prefer it has actually a most debris captured in it, make sure to change it v a new one.

Step 6 – install assembly back into fuel tank

After you have the assembly reassembled, you have the right to then install the assembly ago into the fuel tank. Again the environment of the assembly will certainly be the reverse of removal.

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Carefully location the assembly earlier into place.Install the mounting screws.Connect the fuel heat fitting.Connect the electrical connector.Install floor organization hole cover.Install the behind seat.Install the fuel tank cap.Reconnect the bottom installation on the fuel filter.Reconnect the negative battery terminal.Start engine. It can take a few turns come fire up due to the fact that the fuel device pressure to be relieved.

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