I have actually a question, and also I would certainly really love because that someone to aid me. I have a 1997 Toyota Camry. 4 cylinder. The timing belt obtained hung up and shredded. As soon as I go to replace the belt, ns noticed that ns couldn't revolve the camer sproket gear by hand. I had to placed a wrrench top top it simply to turn, and when the did lastly turn, that made a 1/4 turn, then seem to have freed up. Then obtained hung increase again. Is this the an outcome of a bending valve? and also, once everything is ago in place, what is the correct means to collection the timing?

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The 1.5L and also 1.6 DOHC space interference engines which method if the belt breaks you have bent valves. The 1.6 SOHC and also the 1.8 engines room not interference engines. Examine out the guide below to see the marks and also instructions.https://www.gimpppa.org/diagrams/toyota/camry/1997Please run down this guide and also report back.

Installation clues on the crankshaft to set the timing. Timing belt diagram for my car it has actually a 2.2 engine needed.

Hello, below is a guide and some diagram (below) That shows the alignment that the crankshaft to the camshaft.https://www.gimpppa.org/diagrams/toyota/camry/1996You will have to jack the auto uphttps://www.gimpppa.org/articles/jack-up-and-lift-your-car-safelyand remove the harmonic balancerhttps://www.gimpppa.org/articles/how-a-harmonic-balancer-worksThe diagrams listed below will show you how to do the jobPlease let us understand if you need anything else to acquire the trouble fixed.Cheers, Ken


went to replace timing belt on camry and noticed that there it seems ~ to it is in odd tiiming point out on both the crank and cam. Top top the electronic came gear, there space three marks, two on the teeth which are six teeth apart and then there is a hole in among the "spokes" top top the cam gear. By the camshaft seal there are additionally two marks; one is a divet and also another looks choose a drilled hole.Now top top the crank, over there is a period on the pulley and a tiny mark on the block. I have lined increase the gears to what I think are their respective marks but the engine still will certainly not start. That feels as if there is no compression. I don"t believe there are any type of bent valves, ns just believe the crank/cam are not time correctly. Please aid with the timing marks
If you time belt is quiet on and also the engine is running okay, align the engine to number one TDC and also verify the marks.
The belt broke, and also aligning come TDC will only offer me the right mark on the crank, i beg your pardon still leaves finding the exactly marks because that the cam.
the is difficult telling you there is no looking at them because there are different marks. I indicate you buy a Haynes book for her vehicle. It will offer the set up. Good luck
A manual is your best bet on this...too plenty of litle details.https://www.gimpppa.org/kpages/auto_repair_manuals.htm
infection problem1995 Toyota Camry 6 cyl two Wheel Drive hands-on where are the timing marks?We room shoulder deep in grease and just waiting for your answer

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OK, had actually to put a new head on my 95 Camry LE v a 2.2. The head is collection just fine and the car starts however runs really rough and also I"m obtaining a small "pop" and also "chug" earlier through the main air entry while to run so the valves have to be contempt off. It"s no awful but it"s there. I have worn the web and your website out in search of answers. The closestly I have come is a thread on Toyota country http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/103-3rd-4th-generation-1992-1996-1997-2001/180435-camshft-timing-marks-5sfe.html my cams space lined up specifically as they room in the attached photo from that thread. I"ve to be stuck in ~ this allude for days and also simply have actually to obtain the Camry running again. I"ve searched for pics the would display me camer lobe positions when #1 Cyl is TDC but can"t find any. I have of a organization manual PDF however it isn"t helping. It has to be miscellaneous simple. I"m no a mechanical moron however this one has actually me stumped and also lack of details isn"t helping.