A Dodge"s powertrain manage module (PCM) serves together the central computer because that a vehicle"s diagnostic system. The PCM analyzes sensor readings and engine functions. As quickly as a component in ~ the engine or fueling system malfunctions, the PCM concerns a code and labels the trouble either "trouble" or "pending." If the PCM to be to cease functioning properly, your Dodge"s diagnostic mechanism would end up being untrustworthy. Trial and error this valuable device can be completed in a couple of minutes

Prepare some important materials before you inspect your Dodge"s PCM. Consult your OBD-II (on-board diagnostic) scanner"s handbook because that a list of generic problem codes. Also, find and also print out Chrysler"s supplemental OBD-II codes online and print castle out. Take a highlighter come both and also mark all the trouble codes that address the PCM itself. Because that example, P0601 denotes fail within the PCM itself. While testing the system, you should keep an eye the end for it.

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Place the coding resources in your Dodge"s navigation seat. Then, acquire into the vehicle"s driver"s seat.

Locate your Dodge"s computer outlet in ~ the dashboard. The place of this data connect connector relies on year and model that the Dodge. It might be in ~ the steering wheel, beside the left kick panel or over the gas pedal.

Connect her OBD-II scanner to her Dodge"s computer system outlet. Move the an equipment on, and also then turn the Dodge"s electric system on. You may own one OBD-II scanner that needs the engine to it is in running as well. Always keep in mind the no 2 scanner brands duty exactly the same.

Look at her device"s display screen. If there are no codes waiting for you, you own a scanner that is no preset for automatic password retrieval. Situate the procedure because that entering a "Code scan" command. It usually entails pressing a button.

Scroll through the password on the scanner"s display screen screen. The PCM is component of the vehicle"s powertrain. For this reason you can safely exclude any OBD-II password that begin with "B," "C" or "U." recommendation the resource material girlfriend previously put in the navigator"s seat and also look especially for codes relating to the PCM"s operations.

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PCM modules are provided in vehicles after 1996. Girlfriend cannot usage an OBD-II scanner ~ above Dodges with design years before 1996. Those vehicles space outfitted v an Electronic manage Module (ECM) and duty differently.

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