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I"m stuck. My vehicle 96 Maxima GLE no start. Ns parked it overnight. The next day when I went to start my car, the ignition didnt start the car. I noticed there was no electrical activity. Therefore I thought it was the battery, got a new one and also replaced it. ~ I put in a brand-new one, it still didnt crank, so ns knew it no the battery.Anyway, ns reset the alert one time, critical year, however I forgot how to do it again.When I push the keylock and unlock, the locks do a most noise favor is is trying come lock, but then that doesn"t. The defense light flashes intermittently, like it typically does when it is armed.I do notification that if I eliminate the battery terminal overnight, the following day I have the right to lock and unlock the car, yet when i stick the an essential in, and turn, all the lights go the end again (interior light, door light, and clock), the automobile wont start, worse yet, the doors simply do a bunch that clicking and also dont respond no longer if I click the lock or unlock buttons.I tried walk inside, locking the doors, pushing lock, climate unlock, and also then trying to begin it, yet it constantly triggers the kill switch somehow.I tried pushing the unlock button, unlocking all the doors, and unlock the trunk, nearby the trunk, and also then get into the car, close the door, and also turn the engine on, but as quickly as I revolve the key to start, the death switch transforms on again. Climate the alarm led flashes prefer it is armed again, mine keyfob"s lock/unlock features come to be inoperable again. The locks would just keep ~ above clicking as soon as I push on the lock or unlock buttons. Ns would need to manually unlock the vehicle to permit myself out....funny thing is that the horn no sound prefer it usually does if I equipped the car and also then open the door or something.I"m pretty certain it is a factory alarm since it is constructed into mine keyfob and also there room fuses labeled antitheft defense on both fuse boxes in the engine. I called Nissan and the business tech said me that my auto didnt come with a manufacturing facility alarm, it should be aftermarket. Ns told him the wasnt the case, yet he simply wanted me to tow it into the shop.I know I"ve disarmed it before but ns dont know how to perform it again.I dont know if resetting the ECU would carry out anything yet I dont want to do that again either.Anyone have this happen, whereby the car"s death switch just activates itself sooner or later out of the blue???I simply need to get the car running, even if the stupid alarm is disabled. Will pulling the fuse do it, i m sorry one is it? I only saw one fuse crate in the engine compartment top top the driver"s side. I pulled the antitheft relay, top top the passenger next of the engine compartment, yet the alarm to be still armed....the protection light quiet blinked. If i am no hope enough, will car alarm installers have the ability to do that or execute I need to tow it into the stealership after ~ all? I"m not sure I have the right to trust a technology who insists that my car doesnt come with any kind of security devices besides keyless entry. Dunderhead.

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Ns told him around the labeling relays and also fuses that especially say antitheft top top it. He"d hear no one of it and also ready come send a tow truck standing by.Please help.