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What form of Transmission liquid Should I usage in the 1995 Ford F-250 Powerstroke v the E4oD Transmission... I just got the truck and cant find the repair book in autozone or any type of where... There coumputers speak Mercon or Mercon 5 fluid only and not come mix the 2 or it will certainly fail... You re welcome help
Sold to JCart , 1997 F250 FireTruck Red,CC SB,auto( Presicion TC, HD-2Tugger),5" exhaust, Swamp 140cc injectors, TWildman 4-pos chip,open waiting cleaner, I/C w banks intake, ,AIC,dual electrical fans,Sky mfg RSK w/ D60w/ARB locker,she"s well taken care of currently pictures2004 dodge 3500 twin turbo 525hp rocket
< QUOTE >mercon III There is no such thing as MERCON III. It"s MERCON.Ford is discontinuing MERCON. As soon as it"s gone, you"ll have to decide what come run.Ford also has stated that they changed MERCON V to do it compatible v the E4OD and 4R100.
2006 F250 CrewCab Lariat FX4 6.OH AFE, MBRP SS Cool Duals, upstream SCT, 4 increase the pillar, Bed Rug and also Retrax Lockable cover.1997 F350 CrewCab XLT 4x4. ?hp/?lb-ft Intercooled, BTS Trans, BTS twin HPOP, huge Full force Diesel Jectors, large Turbo, Ford AIC, Rockin S tradition 5 customs Exhaust w/AeroTurbine Muffler, AFE phase II Intake, complete Diesel performance 4 Positon Chip, White face Gauges, 1979 F250 SC Lariat 4X4 5.9 CTD, BTS E40D, Dana 60/Sterling 10.25, SD HydroBoost brakes, 440HP 992lb-ft, Intercooled, BFG all Terrains top top Eagle Alloy 102s. Practice Rockin S double stack Exhaust system. DDP stage IV injectors, HTB2 Turbo, snow Water/Meth injection mine Webshots page
I was simply at Transtar today, a nationwide transmision components wholesaler, and I to be picking increase a service kit and also a trans-go change kit for my E4OD and I to be told by that to use Dexron III.

You males will think i am nut for saying this but Chrysler AFT+3 works really well in our tranmission too. I offered it in mine 95 when I obtained it cause the TC was shuttering some and also the AFT+3 will certainly cure it. Us (my dad and I, He has 30 year experience) have actually cured client truck v this unconevtional treatment for a lengthy time and also none the the tranmissions have ever before shutter again or required a rebuild even years ~ switching over to the Chrysler fluid.It has a different form of fiction modifer in it ns beleive that functions well through ford trannies. Flame away however experience talks!
Most civilization come right here for the truth ...not a hug ...

< QUOTE >DEXRON III is going away this year, too... Mercon and also Dexron III room both ok. Mercon V is the fluid that has had actually problems.
- 1997 F-350 twin Turbo fee 7.3 strength Stroke Diesel sustained with 473 cc"s of diesel add to nitrous, equipped with a Custom built Racer X E4OD infection make 800 r.w.h.p. ~ above video! The first successfully pair Turbo fee 7.3 PSD! :yesnod: Owned & sponsored by : Florida North
But in a couple of months you won"t be able to find MERCON or DEXRON III. Both space being discontinued. Ford states that the reformulated MERCON V is the replacement.
< QUOTE >< QUOTE >DEXRON III is going away this year, too... Mercon and also Dexron III space both ok. Mercon V is the fluid that has had actually problems. I have been thru this exact same question around the Mercon V. The post below quoting Ford says: “All transmissions recommending Mercon ATF have the right to now be serviced through Mercon V,” It additionally says: "Mercon V, however, is a far much better product that more closely resembles the factory-fill ATF i m sorry Ford has actually used for over eight years. It requires the use of a much more shear-stable viscosity table of contents improver, and Group II or team II-plus base oil to meet its viscosity and oxidation targets".I would certainly not mix the fluid varieties though. Please view this article:Lube Report
1997 Ford F-250 hefty Duty crewcab 4X4 shortbed, PSD, 3.55 LSD tow pack! 3" downpipe straight right into 4" exhaust mechanism with pedestrian BTM. Pyro, tranny temp gauges. 203 thermostat. Viper alert system. 342,000 miles. Custom made framework Hitch with D rings, surprise gooseneck ball, bedliner2000 Keystone Springdale T.T. 29 1/2 feet, 8000# totally loaded. 97 F-250 4X4 Crewcab CF Moto 250cc 70 MPG

torco oil sells a tranny oil because that the fords. My neighbor ran that in his because that 140k trouble complimentary miles. I"ll uncover out what it is and how much and also let friend know.

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So, it"s reformulated, yet still dubbed Mercon V. Believe us this time, just forget around the initial problems. Not a good situation.
POWERFLOW by RACER X - 1997 F-350 pair Turbo charged 7.3 power Stroke Diesel sustained with 473 cc"s the diesel to add nitrous, equipped with a Custom constructed Racer X E4OD infection make 800 r.w.h.p. Top top video! The very first successfully twin Turbo charged 7.3 PSD! :yesnod: Owned & funded by : Florida North